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i'm following the old lady through the swamp, but i can't go into the earth like she does? i'm not even sure if i'm supposed to be able to. i've searched through every other setting except for the actual card game. i'm pretty sure this might just be my own error, but i can't really find anything about this potential 'bug' (get it...). i'm operating on a macbook air if that helps any ~

same here :/

i love the aesthetic and gameplay you've created! i have two questions, however. in the demo, are we supposed to be able to find the furby's key, or is that only in the full game? also, are we supposed to be able to pass through the frog/fish/thingy's mouth, or is it not available for the demo? thank you!

here is what i mean. the glitching goes away when i close finder.

i've been trying to start this game for almost an hour now. upon opening the program, i get a black window with glitched out colors in the lower right corner. i have tried clean reinstalling, downloading a different format, and going into my system preferences in order to start up this game. i peaked into the resources file, just to see what i was missing, and the themes present made me want to play it even more! if you could possibly fix this problem for mac users, i would definitely recommend this game to others! thank you.