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Lucas Vially

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Thanks :)

Hey. I don't have the time to find how to fix that at the moment, but I'm listing the issue and will look at it when I can (might be in a few months though)
Can you tell me on which OS you're playing?

It's ok, it's not a juge problem anyway!

Oh btw! Congrats on the sound design, it worked really well!

The game looks quite good. It's a shame it has such a slow start before it gets interesting.

Reached 104.6%

It was pretty fun! My only concerns were that it was too slow in the beginning, and I would prefer if I weren't punished for missing numbers when I'm not hacking

Went up to 6 hacked sites

It's finally here! Glad I got to play it.

For some reason I had an invisible zombie following me at some point. I only spotted it thanks to its shadow. Do you know what could have caused it?

Hey, just wanted to point out the fact that the font you used at the beginning doesn't make it clear which key the second player should use. It could have been a b, a J, a 6... I had to try a few of those before finding L!

Hope that helps!

The game looks really good, I loved exploring it.
Especially liked the slav party and emotional bridge

The game looks quite good.

Sadly I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do and I have to move my mouse a lot to look around.

I really enjoyed the attention to details in the environment though

Nice little game, I just wish the game actually stopped when the text gets out of the screen.
p3nt4g0n is quite hard to type fast!

The game's concept is good but the controls are not so well designed sadly.
The character feels too "slippery" and having to use the mouse as well as the keyboard interrupts the flow often. Also, the hack controls, once you get to the y axis one, become too much as they are not logically connected to each other.

I hope this helps!

You did pretty well!
My only concerns are teaching-wise. The list of controls at the beginning is too much and so is the first puzzle at first, it's a lot of info to take in (once we understand it it's all good). The last puzzle was a bit more complicated too I feel.

Good work!

The hacking animation is a bit slow and I'd like to be able to attack when moving.

All the other things I had to said are already in the other comment!

Pleasant concept, it reminded me of Hacknet. Did you play it?

Hey, apparently you are trying to make a hard game, but I think you should work on the character's control. They are way too sensible, and it makes things hard in a frustrating, uncontrollable way.
Good luck with your work in the future!

You did very well! It was enjoyable and not too long

Nice short game!
I didn't really understand that I was actually hacking some drones until I read the other comment, and it found it kind of distracting when it was hovering around me. Don't know what you can make out of this comment but I thought it could be useful to mention it.

Also I'm kind of proud I managed to make it through the whole game

The concept is very simple but the competitive part makes it really addictive!
The game gets hard pretty quickly though.

I almost made it to the leaderboard, but didn't do well enough :/

Very cute! The game looks and sounds good, I really like the mouth sounds.

I didn't play through the whole game as it became a bit too complicated for me, but overall everything is well done.

Your game looks really good!
Sadly many things were unclear to me. What are the wards made for? Also most hacks can't be performed without prior knowledge on some topics. It makes the game inaccessible to most people.
Still I really like the concept and moving in the level feels very pleasant.

Did you publish the game as mobile friendly? It doesn't appear properly on my phone :(

Exactement, du beau travail !

C'était vraiment bien, j'y ai joué avec un grand sourire idiot

Did you upload your game on Itch first?
You've got to upload the game then submit it to the jam.

I love the way you told the story, well done

This was really good, well done!

That must have been a looot of work! Did you use any hacks?

Waaaah, I'm still not used to Bitsy hacks!
The ending room is really cute!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Rien de défini, c'est juste par rapport à l'idée que le jeu permet d'apprendre!

That's an interesting use of perspective, I had never seen something like this in a Bisty game

Pas mal, j'ai un peu pleuré à la fin.

If you feel like it you definitely should work more on this project, it's both simple and a lot of fun.

A lot of fun, congrats

L'idée est vraiment amusante!

Après en pratique c'est un peu fastidieux surtout pour quelqu'un comme moi qui n'ai pas l'habitude de ces raccourcis. Dommage, le jeu est joli.