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Just kidding there is a new version! The ending screen didn't hide correctly. Hello 1.4 version!

Woah! Thank you for playing and posting a video, I haven't seen it yet so I can't say anything but I'm honored. If you didn't like it I can give you a refund if you wish!

this kicks so much ass thank you for this write-up

he is. Hard. To find. My friend.

Cart Life v1.6 community · Created a new topic the most

cart life it can get.

shalom///- to get a ticket ya'll!

This is a complicated answer, but there is more to be done on Type Dreams. Production continues and then halts. I don't want to speak for him (so please take this with a grain of salt) atm but I believe it's on hiatus currently. That being said, he is definitely still working on things that you will maybe hopefully see!

this game is so good it's unbelievable. legit. legit. legit. wow.

Hey mike, I don't want to spoil anything but wdpk2 is correct,  smut and Songs & Lyrics are unlocked thru some easter egg (fiddle around with the options menu a bunch) 

Devil's Dictionary is not in the game currently, I believe it is a separate book you can unlock in Classics currently?

Hey, I paid full price for Team Fortress 2 as well as like CS: GO and they became free!

So sorry I never said this, save your save files in another folders   Saved Games/Type Dreams  as long as it's empty it should be working again. 

There's no option as of now because wpm differences get a bit hard to track, may be a feature after stats get revised, but you'll have to start a new profile to do it

Those are just books without songs yet 

Go Richard! Go Richard!

Omelas community · Created a new topic g a m e?

let's play!