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So now we have a real hellenic quest to challenge with! Well done, guys!

You'll find both at Plus/4 World for free ;)

Within my own (limited) skills, why not? :)

Marvellous achievement guys!

At this point, Plus/4 version now or it never happened :D

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Keep up the work, but avoid the mediocre VICE emulation. Use YAPE or plus4emu. Anyway, it the very first Plus/4 World's entry for the glorious Menedék Programozó Klub! ;)

Mamma mia che bravoni i Carminati... :O

Heh, the owner of the source code, probably :)

If no or few sprites are involved, could it easily ported on Plus/4 too, eventually?

Triple trouble:

  1. PAL only;
  2. never use WinVICE xplus4;
  3. 40 tracks.
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That's weird, it should regularly work on any device, check your boot loading syntax ;)
We don't support VICE as strongly as by writing docs for it, due the facts that at the moment VICE doesn't ensure a reliable emulation of the 264 series' C= machines.

We distributed for free a slightly downcut version which works on SD2IEC. See here:

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Pretty nice! This is the game I would rather see running on Commodore Plus/4:

  1. faster bitmap rendering overall;
  2. you've already accepted some eventual colour clashes in order to use more colors for the 3D items, so a bitmap format with 2 fixed + 2 selectable colors wouldn't change that so much;
  3. one hw sprite only, easily portable to something XORred via software.

I would pay for a Plus/4 version of this. Keep up the great work!