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Got the email and was like “oh Banana Ranch maybe they’re recommending an animal crossing-like game or smth” and then my dumbass realized it was another Meyaoi game and suddenly I’m confusing my roommate because I’m screeching 

I just happened to discover this while aimlessly browsing and ugh Fawn is so cute I just wanna bully him. can't wait for a full release!

A lot of them are random you kinda just have to experiment. There should be a CG for toys and costumes for most of the boys if I’m not mistaken. For  Hikaru I remember I had to go back and redo his route and have sex with him a lot to get the one CG I was missing and it was really dumb luck ^^” 

You won’t be able to get any until you get the Known status and are able to go to the night district. It’ll happen eventually but keep getting fame!

Shoulders and he likes just being talked to when you’re not dating yet c:

It just randomly spawned during a sex scene idk what I did 

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I went back to replay Hikaru’s route and I still can’t figure out how to get the 1st CG on the second page! ;-; help appreciated

Edit: right when I asked I got the CG!

I noticed on your webpage for Seiyuu Danshi you have Hikaru’s Height as 172cm/5’7 and Haato’s as 175cm/5’5 and I think it should be switched in one way or another?

After working for 3 days straight I finally fixed it ;;;;——;;;;

okay so the game crashed and now its refusing to let me reopen it and the one time I thought I got it, it somehow molded into the Demo ;-; like my saves were still there but it wouldnt let me skip days and it kept saying "this game will go up to Feb 14th" T^T I had gotten all the best endings too so now im depressed 

aaagh I got four stars that explains so much thank you 

Same ;-; I’m just visiting the bar every time I’m scheduled to work in hopes that eventually I’ll get some progress

Just out of curiosity, will we have to pay again for the voiced version or will it come as an update?

Wait work like seiyuu stuff or working at the pub? (I have yet to see this SOB too ;-;)

it scared the absolute hell out of me! The first time I heard it my first reaction was "?! Did I hallucinate???"

How the heck do I get the middle CG for Haato? I am literally on my last main boy route (Shiba is really bringing out my sadistic side) and I can't figure out how to get it! I know what it is too, but how do I trigger it?