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Luc Foster

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Thank you for your comment :) Let me know if you find the game you're talking about, I'm always interested in playing new destruction games!

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This was such a fun little game. Honestly, well done on the visuals too, looks stunning!

Sorry you had to deal with that UI bug! Would you mind telling me if you were using the Windows or Linux build? I'll look into this ASAP.

Wouldn't've been possible without people like you making these kinds of assets! Thank you for the kind words :)

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Shooting your head at enemies was surprisingly entertaining! The levels strike a nice balance of fun and challenge.

It would be great if you could reattach your head faster when your body is in view, that tweak could make the mechnic even more satisfying and wouldn't slow down the pace of the gamplay quite as much. Overall, this was a fun game with a clever concept, I look forward to seeing where you might take this idea next.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Being able to prepare glasses in advance was a feature I really appreciated, especially as things got more challenging.

I also like the look; the characters have a goofy charm to them and the colour palette you used was spot on. With some tweaking to the bottles and glasses to match the aesthetic, I think you've got a fun game with a unique visual style!

A fantastic little game. Love the style and how you interpreted the theme. An incredible achievement considering the devlopment time!