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this is really beautiful, thanks for the game!

cool graphics! got jumpcared as shit on the end, good job 

this was so sweet <3 i absolutely loved the story, can't wait to see more of them! also loved the bgs, they are mesmerizing 

rlly enjoyed playing, can't wait for the next chapters!!

very interesting concept , really enjoyed playing

will be doing :)

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I absolutely loved it! since the first scenario, i was immersed in the story, the universe building is very unique and its a different setting having a character who isnt determinated, could relate a lot to her, can't wait to learn more about lucy and naiko!    it's very well written, i loved reading the books.

As a enjoyer of interacting with every object and npc, the hallway dialogues were everything to meit's very well written, also loved reading the books. The animations and the soundtrack are top tier too, they're so fit in

 kinda want a blank clock now just to stare my soul

Anyway thank you so much for making this game, had a lot of fun playing, can't wait to see next chapters! <3

damn karen rlly put him through hell

nice game

nice little game :) liked the characters, hope to see more of them soon ^^ (i have'nt played semiaquatic circus yet, so srry if they did!)

hello :) there is a prevision for being avaiable on play store?

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im so so grateful for beinga able to play this game!! been following edgar work on twitter and when i found the game on my front page of i was so excited to play, and it was totally worthy it!

lovedd the story, even if it's only the beggining, the setting of the game already paved the way to a great story and think the museum of anna  its one of my favorite pieces on game, it's so beautiful and delicated, its visible how much work and effort was put on this.

the visual of the game had me in chock, everytime i kept being amazed by how much you explored rpg maker setting to make such a unique game, the black and white scenarios and the use of real images was so spot on.

 as a person with bipolar disorder and ocd, some parts were really gut wrenching, like the psychiatry gallery, but i was glad to learn more about mental disorders  throughout the whole game, i am excited to see more about it in next chapters!

anyway i wrote too much already, but its been a while since a played a rpg maker that made me feel so excited.  also big thanks for the translation team for making this game more acessible to people, and thanks for the sound designer for making the atmosphere of the game even more immersive ^^

sorry for any typos, love from brazil, keep up the great work <33

foun it rlly cute, love the visuals!!

very fun to play ^^

i asolutely loved the new chapter, its a nice setting for the trick's journey and i really enjoyed the narrative :) cant wait for part 2!! as always very fun to play, lovedd the new characters and enjoyed seeing some old faces <3

i havent played yet, but im so excited for this new  chapter!!! thanks nomnomnami, happy new year :)

i am absolutely in love with this work! everything from the art, the music, the writing, the characters, all of that fits so well and in a charming way in this universe. i loved playing it, the story really touched me, i had the better ending on first try and will explore others, but im very touched with this game, thank you so much <3

had fun playing, liked the puzzles and story, cant wait to see more of you guys

very fun to explore! ty for the game :)

that such a tender take about memory and the cosmos, i loved the writing very much, thanks for the game <3

this is too cute <3

loved to play, very atmosferic, the visuals and music matches very well with the story!

great entry for the 20 second jam, its very fun to play even for a little! gonna chek out your other works ^^

i loved the visuals and the music, it was so atmosferic! also rlly enjoyed reading the story, thanks for the game :)

oh my god i wasnt expecting too get so emocional over this one, but the way you wrote the dog pov makes me wanna bawl my eyes, but at the same way you managed to show that a pet love will always remain in your hearts, overcoming the sadness of loss, beautiful homage <3

i really loved this, it really emits the vibe of being stuck at home during a rainy day in the analog age, love the color pallete too, very cozy 

damn this hits hard for me 

also the art is so beautiful, i loved each world sm

reading in 2023, and sadly relatable. good work with the zine tho

i cant believe i just found out this game today!! as a person who loves interacting with everything, i loved exploring the rooms, even if it was fews! for the story, im rlly excited to play the next games, loved the scenes from the bonus room, gives me classic rpg maker vibes! thank you for the game

even if it was short i rlly enjoyed exploring the world! i  love interacting with everything, so i was rlly happy with this game! the illustrations are very sweet and i loved the bonus room :) didnt knew your work, i will be playing your other games, thanks for the effort!

the story is very unique and the visuals are fucking beautiful, rlly enjoyed, thank you!

this makes me feel calm :) nice visuals

really unique art style and game exploration, loved it

great game! cant believe how long took me to play, but it was a good experience, i love rpg maker and seeing mixed with a interactive novel, was rlly cool! also the great art, and animations made the world of the game expand so much even if it was on a few scenarios, it rlly gave the vibe! thanks for the game! (the music was fire too)

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it was rlly interesting, thanks!

i was so immersed in the reading, the end really broke my heart, but great story!

great trip :)

i loved it, it was so sweet! thank you  <3

he is so cute on his bike

this is so cute