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You can delete the settings.ini in the AppData folder for the game. That said I am planning to add some sort of “panic button” in-game that resets the keys to default in the next release!

multiplayer was initially planned in some form, but i never had any idea of how it could be implemented and implementing something like that now would be too difficult, especially considering how this project’s been adapted and readapted to different versions of GameMaker since 2014. And the Sonic method would probably be too clunky to control given the small resolution…

thanks for the comprehensive reply, and i hope you're doing better in life now!

This is was a project I was really interested in, and it's pretty impressive to see that it was done in game maker. I have some years of experience with GML (including the more recent versions) and was wondering, I know you're already working on a C++ rewrite (well, if that's even still set to come out someday?), but I've been thinking about the possibility of just making something different altogether with the Clipnote engine that's already there (at least the drawing parts). Anyways, I wish you success in future projects.

whenever i'm not working on my other stuff, yeah

a question: does it use dithering to limit the color palettes? for example, if you insert a full color picture and apply the shader. If not, that would be a cool addition!