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Pretty enjoyable story, the gameplay may be a tad formulaic but it works. The gameplay is fun. I'll echo a sentiment I've seen a lot, in that the procedural generation may hold this back, as it makes the dungeons seem a bit more formulaic, especially in comparison to the last one, which had a much more interesting and difficult layout. The real highlight of this game (for me) was the soundtrack. It's genuinely very, very good. Big fan of Broken Showdown. Really had a good time with this game! 

Short but enjoyable! Really nice artwork and good atmosphere for a horror game. Really hope the full project comes to fruition! 

One of those games that has a sprint function, but it feels kind of wrong to use it. Sprinting seems to contrast with the more surreal atmosphere created by the game. Kind of seem to forget the outside world exists while playing this one. Fairly standard gameplay with exceptional storytelling and atmosphere with the perfect length imo. Great way to spend an hour and a half. 

Finished the last available chapter today, and I'm a bit surprised honestly at how much the game has stayed in my thoughts. I'm super excited for whenever the next part drops. Amazing artwork and character design, top notch soundtrack and really enjoyable characters! Big fan of Lynn and Ivan myself. I don't know how many people are still searching around the racial justice bundle from a few months back, but this has easily been one of the highlights of that bundle for me. The creators clearly put a lot of care into the game, and it shows in a really excellent game.

Very enjoyable game! Likable characters, really great art and soundtrack. Pretty engaging plot, and solutions never felt like they were entirely out of reach. Maybe felt a little bit rushed towards the end, but honestly didn't bother me that much and I still really enjoyed this game! Absolutely worth playing, esp if you got it from the big bundle!

Got this from the giant bundle (which should absolutely be bought by everyone who can afford it), and this game stood out to me when looking at where to start. Super glad I started here, was very surprised at how much depth the characters had given the relatively short (but very reasonable) playtime.  I found myself genuinely curious about the backstory of the characters and the environment, and even more so about the mysteries surrounding them (and the ending in particular).  

The puzzles felt satisfying without being frustrating, which is sometimes a difficult balance for games to find but this one absolutely found it.  The game feels pretty polished, the art is all well done and the writing is rock solid.  The world outside of the bunker has a lot of potential and I'm actually interested in seeing where Lee and Beracus end up. Super enjoyable experience.