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it scared the shit out of me and i felt like the biggest dumbass when he fell

bonnie? explain what the bingus ending told me after i "talked" to the customers and never got them their food? 

*beats baby senslessly after blowing up my cheese toasty*

dude this is sick, especialy how you can manage to make a horror game scaryt despite being able to defend yourself, its a really hard balance and it is done really well here! keep up the good work

dude this looks sick! how did you manage in 2 weeks!

you should tryt carmageddon, its free on mobile even with ads but still good gore and controlls, (thank fuck)

umm carmageddon 2?

just so everyone knows, LSD is this scenario (if you saw the originals intro FMV than you would already know) means

L imbo

S ilent

D ream

or LSD so no this has nothing to do with the drug but will make you want nothing to do with the drug or even hear of it ever again, its that weird by day 10.

and the games purpose was said by one of its developers to solely disorient and confuse its player so if you are worried if what you are doing is wrong than remember that you arent, its made to be like this

no lsd is this scenario (if you saw the originals intro said)

L imbo

S ilent

D ream

or LSD so no this has nothing to do with the drug but will make you want nothing to do with the drug or even hear of it, its that weird by day 10.

so soundtrack?

oh so now i have to go through mental insanity again!

he DID, what is he hiding?

wonderfull, short and sweet, please make more games like this its like a theory spelled out and showed without being hidden

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good now people dont need to learn how to use an emulator (even though its easy) or spend thousands of dolars on a game thats novelty wares off in a few minutes

edit: damn good port/remake tho

drink milk, hit billy, and beat your Goddamn wi

please, stop fighting, ask each other and yourself why are you being rood, or fighting.?!?!

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i was exspecting a twist about the bird in real life missing a eye, signifying that this is all real and so is codey

sorry for spoilers

very different from the older version i played and i love it



rtx on among us am i right?


now all they got to do is add me

i know i saw it and i laughed

i was wondering about those as well but i found this image titled evil at this destination assets>images>christmas. its weird it isnt found anywhere in the game

████████╗    ██╗░░██╗    ██╗    ░█████╗░    ░█████╗░
╚══██╔══╝    ██║░░██║    ██║    ██╔══██  ╗  ██╔══██╗
░░░██║░░░    ███████  ║  ██║    ██║░░╚═╝    ██║░░╚═╝
░░░██║░░░    ██╔══██║    ██║    ██║░░██╗    ██║░░██╗
░░░██║░░░    ██║░░██║    ██║  ╚█████╔╝    ╚█████╔╝
░░░╚═╝░░░    ╚═╝░░╚═╝    ╚═╝    ░╚════╝░    ░╚════╝░

i can only see red now. and my fingers are num. 10/10!!

i liked this i sort of got the story and it is quite a masterpiece and lets the scares sink in

eh boobies are life LOL

good job guys it has a few decent spooks and i can see that you are going to be able to get very far with this concept!

your talking to the one who almost pissed themselves playing this because i thought it was going to be the one ps1 style game that wouldnt be scary

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its good but why do you have to do this the one time i think im free from horror playstation games i jinx it so thanks for the many heart attacks i had playing this and i went back to oh shiba to calm myself down but nope it was fucked up too! and then i died and i didnt even finish the game as soon as i tried to quit and save my sanity it was another twist so i quit before i almost pissed myself, now please excuse me while i change my underwear

i cant play but at the same time why the h should i

and pc


i love this even though i didnt play it because when i went to a different page of the game at the top it said return to nightmare fuel now i cant stop laughing

nvidia quadro fx 580

it wont work it says:dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the game i really want to play so please tell me how to fix like give be a alternitive download or something please this game looks awesome but it wont work it keeps saying that

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it doesent work i try to play and it says this:dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine please i want to play i want help as soon as possible please and thank you p.s i have a low end pc that i change graphics on to run games and it works tell me if that is the problem and if i could fix it without spending money