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thankyou, like the game by the way

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is it possible to turn the music off but still have sfx on please ? also the more you progress you receive less when buying (normally the other way round)

love this game, definately belongs on steam even at early access

Buyed should be either Bought OR Owned

a very good relaxing idle game, very unique and a great soundtrack

the idea of growing potatoes is so unique, the game is great with a nice music added to it

i'm totally hooked, i love the whole concept. i like the lootboxes, the scaling of the mobs, the loot and being powerfull. awesome work on the game i can't wait to see more!

please make this a full game you will be suprised at how many people like playing this game, i have played it through so many times and still dont get bored of it

i love idle/incremental games and believe me there are alot worse games out there even on steam that cost real money to buy, great game, keep up the good work :D

i love this game, please make more

good game, just wish it was longer

definately one of the best idle clicker games i have played in a long time, i have spent so many thousands of hours playing various idle/clicker games on steam but this game is much better than alot of them, keep up the great work you do, awesome game!