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thanks a ton :)

You need to fly into the start button 

Sorry, made it a bit confusing

Well, it's a tactics game about reaching the other end. There are different tactics to reach your Goal. It's a bit hard, I after to that, but not impossible 

Hope I heloed :)

Thanks a ton :)

Thank you so much :)

First, thanks :)

Second, I wanted to stick close to the old shoot 'em up atari games.

Third, the game is about "IT" or more specifically "Pennywise" from IT, a fictional character, who is 'not' real? 

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Thank you!


Great and funny game. Love the lore :)

Sorry, but I can't play the game. Itch says: "The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."

Best game I played so far. I found myslef killing innocents for way to long :) 

Love the art and gameplay.

Thanks a Ton. Really cool to see someone actually play you're game :)

What game dev could not explore a little pooper-game :)

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the great Feedback.

The guy in his underpants ist David Haselhoff (famous from Baywatch) who got an iconic moment in german history when he sang "I've been looking for freedom"

The large items were event trigger, spawned by Haselhoff. There are two events, the Gold Rush, where just gold only falls down and the Rush Rush where the spawn time is decreased, so more stuff ist spawned

Thank you so so much

Thanks you so so so so much ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Thanks a lot for the awesome Feedback.

I think the music is uneven because I got tinnitus from creating the voice over :)

Thank you so so much

Yeah, totally forgot that. Hope you enjoy now :)

First of all, thanks for the kind words :) 

The game itself is only kind of a clicker game. I wanted a unique abillity so you control your own little player with -a and -d or the arrow keys and you can dash with shift. With that you need to move under the falling objects to "collect" them. The helpers do that automatic, but they are a bit slower. I called it a clikcer game since the farms later collect automatic money and overall you get into big numbers fast, so yeah. 

If you encountered any bugy I'm sorry.

I would say that you should take it as a compliment, that someone think's you would need more time to create, what you have created. I definetly agree, that creating a game like this would take longer and I also kinda accuse you of cheating. But if you created all that in one day(which only you know) I would be impressed and clap for you.

Thank you very very much :)

Thanks a ton :)

Thank you so so much. I'm thinking about working in it a bit longer, and to publish it on mobile:)

Thank you so much. I made the traps to spawn at the closest possible location when you click, but I also think that isn't the best solution :)

Thank you so so much!!

Thank's a ton :)

Thanks you so much, and I think you're Game ist awesome

Thanks you so so much

THanks :)

Thank you very very much :)

Thank you so much :)

Thanks a lot for the kind and awesome feedback :)


Thank you, and yeah Wirkung with hindge Joints :)

Thanks for the awesome Feedback and the Tipps :)

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Thank you. It really means a lot that you had fun!

Yeah I really should have mde the first half a bit easier, so everyone can really understand the controls. Also thanks for the overwhelming feedback :)

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Thank you :)

Thanks a lot :)