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I love this game, true free game, and it runs very well in my "potato" laptop. Core i3-7020U, Intel Graphics HD620, 4GB RAM DDR4-2133MHz, Windows 10 Home 64 bit and a traditional (and very slow) Hard Disk Toshiba. I can recommend for several PCs older or weaker than my laptop, unless your PC is a "very-true-potato". I am waiting for Steam release and I also play it in my smartphone Android 11, without ads, nor in-app purchases.

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You must run the jar file.

We missed Tierra del Fuego, just south of the continent.

Tierra del Fuego archipelago is located in Southern Patagonia

Please add the South American map when possible

Hello Haxor!

First, I would like to clarify that I live in a country where we use commas and not dots on the numeric keypad.

Now on to my problem: I played Hardware Tycoon version 0.2.12 in the browser and I was able to price my CPUs normally with the comma, however I downloaded this same version for Windows 10 Home 64bit and the numeric keypad comma doesn't work in my prices , therefore, I need to use the alphabetical keyboard dot, and that becomes a bit annoying. I like to use my laptop's numeric keypad for pricing and I don't understand this discrepancy from the browser version to the 64-bit Windows version. I appreciate any response from you.

This game is really cool! It reminds me when I was 8 years old, back when I had a FAMIClone, and it runs on my basic laptop at 60 FPS. Very light game for PCs and laptops weaker than my Intel Core i3-7020U with 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 620, Windows 10 Home and conventional HD. Goodbye Formula 1 games with lag! Will there be more updates?
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Que legal! Um jogo brasileiro no Itch com o tema das fake news, com o tema interessante e engraçado. Parabéns à equipe.

Edit: o jogo não salva e, embora eu compre upgrades, eu não consigo liberar mais missões. Aguardo novas atualizações.

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Could you add newer sockets, put research for CPU clock around 4GHz and reduce nanometers on new chipsets? A quadcore could be cool too. 
Another suggestion would be to place DIP4 and DIP12 below the other sockets, because this disturbs anyone who wants to create a more modern CPU.

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Same here. (Alt + F2). 

Edit: F2 also works here.

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My way of naming CPUs is pretty standard.

I create a single brand called 'CPU' for everyone (from oldest to newest).

My CPU branded CPUs are always given cardinal numbers in ascending order (first CPU is called '1', second CPU '2', third CPU '3' and so on). For example, my CPU branded CPUs are always given cardinal numbers in ascending order (first CPU is called '1', second CPU '2', third CPU '3' and so on.) For example: my fourteenth CPU is called 'CPU14' because the brand is 'CPU' and its model is '14'.

It's a very simple pattern and reduces the likelihood of getting the CPU name wrong.

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Do not give up. I really like HT and know the game since version, when I was looking for an undemanding game for my seventh generation i3 laptop with Intel Graphics HD 620 and 4GB of RAM. Best game I found on I hope version 0.2.11 gets even better. It's a pity that my country's currency is devalued against the dollar, otherwise I would donate to you a little dollars.

PS.: I met version, played for about a month or two, then I got bored of the game, just waiting for a new update by Discord, after I was beta tester on version 0.2.9, after that I stopped playing. So I stopped following the Discord server and a few months later I went to search your game and to my surprise it updated to 0.2.10 and I enjoyed it. I thought the easy level too easy. The beginning was a little difficult, but with research and a loan, everything became more manageable and it's much more fun to play like this. I believe I can get to the game without going broke, and this level of difficulty is much nicer to play. I got bored of the easy level in less than four days, since I downloaded this game on my return from my hiatus.

PS2.: I'm not a native English speaker, and I'm using an automatic translator, sorry if something doesn't make a lot of sense to you.

Did you give up the project? It hasn't had updates in almost two years.