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ReTech community · Created a new topic how do i get metal

im looking at the crafting guide and alot requires metall how do i get it?

well when i first started the game i chose simple graphics because i dont have a monster pc but then i went to the max settings and it looked exactly the same so i thought it was a troll lol

oh i didnt know it was a puzzle game interesting thx for the help

very very funny and good game good job ( extra props for the graphics troll)

dude i cant find the stupid fuel for the dumb car you need to have more direction than just a little arrow at the top i mean its a good game so far just tell me where the fuel is and add better direction please

wait is this vr only?

i have a AMD radeon R4 9225 i believe can i run it, i also upgraded ram to 16gb

what are the specs to play this game i assume low but i dont want to assume it looks really good

i have 4 gb ram can i run it