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Is there a way to save the game progress or I should complete it on one sit?

Same, what does that mean tho

Thanks a lot! Wanted to create a blackjack game specifically with pixel design, your cards are just what I need

Hi, made simple cover for steam game (spent 5 minutes ngl) because original one isn't of proper size.

Full game is worth it, buy it

Prices in steam are regional, maybe because of this. But generally games always are more pricy in and I cant tell exact reason why but maybe because once you buy here you can easily share it with your friends

funniest comment here, lol

yeah it is fair enough

very atmospheric experience but I didn't understand what to do and also game is hard without map, big maze I guess

bro how

Brooo, very polished platformer of yours Thank you very much for this game I will follow you

Very interesting game, thank you for this experience

This game is sooooo good

Oh wow, I dont have time either but can manage some for your reply on Kameltose

Hello friend, I really love your art style and previous game so wanna buy this one but have a question. If I buy this game will you give me a steam version on launch or I will have to buy steam version again, Thanks for paying attention!

wonderful !!, I'll wait for it. thanks for your reply

i think godot, as he often uses makes games in this engine

I cant understand stamina system. think will be better to remove it which could make fights faster and more fair, when i fought with my brother i could not even make a punch because he lowered my stamins again and again, do not allowing me to do a single punch But game is very awesome and i love it so it is just my recommendation (sorry for english i am not native)

okay, thanks ! will be waiting for it

when can i purchase it on steam ?