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y e s

it's ur vent i think, i had a similar experience once

making a visual novel AUGHHHHGGHVHHVBH im only 14 and completely alone making this

let me kiss len.

i am deeply in love with walker and my gf is in love with mr. newman. help

everyone seems nice so maybe ill begin participating too ☆

that wasn't difficult to explain, was it? I understand now.

yes, and then i realized! notice how that was months ago ♡

wow! #gottem /sarc

im dating someone, and this is a dressup game, not a talk about ur social experience game

girl what

AHhhh, a pmmm fan. i should've expected it with all the depressing lesbians

oh my god i love your games! but wheres chinatsu.....

wrong game page budd

how is this related to the game....

will show my cat this. my cat is adorable. i will update you

....... is this a dating sim cuz hes kinda

People who like this should check out the anime + light novel "My Next Life as a Villaness: All Routes Lead to Doom!", there's very obvious lesbians

oh my god, that was so terrifying, but so cool.

happy 69 day anniversary


send ur oc ):<

lmao what if i got mad at u (:< sangwoo isn't sexist the girls in the show were just weak

ok im feeling generous. lmao

reply with ur oc, i might draw it

hey hi i finished ur art 

i think it was urs

reminder not to use the r slur if you don't have adhd or autism

their username


bro... you better have adhd or autism.

NONO its not thier fault

lmao the person i drew art for has been inactive for like 2 days I'm crying

hey bbg

Hihi! I'm under 17, but I believe I can handle these topics. Am I able to play?

ok so anatomy and hair! ill start on that


but what would you want a tutorial on

I'll be making some step - by - step art tutorials. What should I start on first?

That's probably a hypothetical question but I'll give some drawing tips cuz I'm cool like that!

  • Try out different mediums! For example, if you feel like drawing on paper is too difficult, you can try digital!
  • Don't let price weigh you down. There are plenty of free softwares that work great! Some off the top of my head are, Ibis Paint, Firealpaca, and Mediabang!
  • It's perfectly fine to reference other drawings. As long as you don't trace, I find it helpful to have some of my favorite artist's works in the upper right-hand corner while I work!
  • Learn. Having a basic understanding of anatomy + color theory is great, even if your character is in a more cartoony, less proportionate style.
  • Tutorials! Find a tutorial that helps you! For shading, you can even use most gacha edit tutorials!
  • And ofc, one that is said far too often, practice. 

Art for Lofi Kitty (I hope they see this)

claim to have something in ur eye, i did that and the nurse put eyedrops in my eye and let me rest

ur mom also i forgot to study for a big test i have today!!