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Thanks for replying to my comment! And I'm glad that the full version will have a save system, since i have to take care of my parents i try to always look for games with save systems because i never know when they will need me to go somewhere.

Just played the demo and enjoyed it! I do have a few questions though, in the full game will there be a way to save and will there be a way to make the text on the descriptions of things bigger? I am playing on a TV screen and the text that is not in the text box is very hard to see.

You're welcome!

That's what it's meant to do, you have to double click into the file folder and double click on the  icon that says "Our Life" and in the type column it says "application."

You're welcome sweetchiel! *hugs* I wish you all the same!

Happy belated birthday! We are birthday month buddies, mine was the 15th!!

I know I'm a few days late with this comment but just a little advice in case you want to do an escape room again, make sure everyone puts the things they find at ONE place, and have fun! Seriously though one of my friends was walking around with an important thing we needed for like 5 to 10 minutes, something that got us unstuck. >.<

Yep we shall! Now if they would stop in fighting and get along for once that'd be great

I'm glad that my characters are not the only ones that decide to just up and change what I had in mind for the scene, so what I'm trying to say is I understand your pain!! I've just come to accept that they do what they want and I'm just the writer to their story.

I can't choose between Tai or Suiza! If I would have to choose it would probably be Suiza. I can't wait to play the full game, I fell in love with the game when I played the demo and ever since then I've had this game bookmarked in my browser to keep a check on it!