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i only got three items in before i started feeling the situation you described happening in my adult mouth! so i had to stop. very cool visuals and i'm sure it would be an interesting story if i finished it!!

thank you so much!! i realize i didn't make this very clear, but walking toward the bed is the only way to continue (there's an exit on the rug). i couldn't find any other way to show her resting... anyways, i'm glad you enjoyed it!!

thank you so much!!! i wanted to add music initially, but matching the atmosphere i wanted in such a short time was a little tough;;

thank you so much for playing, and for telling me about this issue! the left exit is now fixed, and you can now access every area in the game!!

thank you for playing!! im working on making this Actually Playable right now, hopefully it turns out better than just getting stuck;;

thank you so much for playing!! yeah, im working on fixing that atm, i promise theres more.. though even if it didnt freeze, it's mostly just walking around and talking to people. the bitsy editor is quite limited.

this was so lovely!!! first of all the colors and spritework were stunning, it wasn't as detailed as other bitsy games ive seen but it worked perfectly for the game!! the characters all had distinct voices, you could rlly see their personality n what theyre feeling despite bitsys limitations.. and the story!! i got so attached to everyone, n i love the complexity of the endings - some stories like this would try n justify all the real crimes krys committed, but this felt a bit more real. also, am i in love w johnny? perhaps. 20/5, one of the best ive ever seen!!