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I hope Vexx is in next DLC <3

I love it, I like Julien so much! He's beautiful, kind, protective, smart, considerate, hard worker, has strong morals. And while I thoroughly enjoy the Alpha-Omega dynamics, I think this is great too, since there's no question about him being driven by instinct.

I'm also now curious about the gown. Also to know if there's a reason why he works so much to the point he's always tired.

This is turning out to be such a beautiful complex story, I'm so happy I got this game!

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I don't get why it has to be more lifelike. If you have a char be in love with someone in 7 out of 8 routes (6 chars, Vexx and No romance ) then that's canon. Your MC's romance just starts feeling more like headcanon, not sure I'm explaining it right. I don't like side romances with love interests, feels like MC is breaking them apart.

Also, it's one thing to have things develop with people you're not romancing in one route, and another to have  different backgrounds depending on your choice. Like in Damon's route, if you're romancing him, he's just friends with Alisa and the past is past but if you aren't romancing him he is totally in love with her. Background should stay consistent between routes, I think.

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This is why I usually prfer it when the romance options don't have side loves when you don't romance them. Feels like you're breaking some apart and feels like a little less canon.

Feels a bit like that with Ryona x Bash, I hope they don't elaborate too much on it or their routes might start feeling a little out of place too.

I get having a background and making the game feel "alive", but I'd rather not have my character's love interest be in love with someone else in all other routes (makes it feel canon and MC's route kinda... make believe).

For me it was kinda odd, I had two exe and game suggested both as option when using Launch option from the app. The first one didn't work, game just ended at chapter 3, but the second one did. 

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I love it, I love it, I love it! I play all routes to see everything but I think Vexx x MC has just become my OTP. I played a new a route just for him and romancing no one else but him, it's perfect!

I wish I could fast forward time to see this finsihed, this game is beautiful, the story is great, art is amazing, music fits, characters are so different and interesting and lovable and I love the MC as well and choosing to be shy or bold or emotional... I love everything! 

As a side note, my MC has the name of June's brother, so that made it kinda special, had to explain it in my head how June thinks about it. I love June!

I did NOT expect that. I mean I expected the first part but not the last bit. At all. Actually, I didn't even expect a Noah route, I thought it would be the others now - but I'm not complaining!

Thank you! Looking forward to what's gonna happen next on ALL routes, I love the characters!

I love them! Nor's the best! And I like Esha too, he's so cool for an omega!

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I cried. I sort of expected it, but the end of the scene... I cried too. Do you get sad when you write sad scenes? Cause I'm bearly holding it together just reading it :'<

I love the way you do eyes! They're so pretty and intense! <3

Both loog great! Noah looks even more "Alpha" now, he's so handsome!

Love it! I think I like Nor the best, he's the friendliest and most casual about the whole situation <3

1) Yes. I was actually here to check when it would be released :p

2) Don't expect anything. Curious what will change beside the character sprites (and probably the voices if it's gonna have the new ones in). You said at one point that you were rewriting the story because it was hard to write as you started, but that the demo part won't change all that much so I really don't know.

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Yay, I'll play all routes, of course. I mean I have my favorites,  but I really want to see all of them too. Rei is my favorite character of them all so I bet I'll have fun playing all routes.

I'm pretty sure I've never been this excited about a game before (including even big titles like Dragon Age Inquisition or Mass Effect) - probably because I find the premise so unique. Ugh, I'm really trying to tone down my hype or I'll drive myself up the walls waiting.

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1) I don't care what you censor it with because I'll probably play it uncensored.

2) Yes? I mean sure, it's a little suspicious, but in the end I don't care all that much what my date is wearing haha.

3) Aiden x Rei (yay for CG!) and Rei x Minami really close behind.

4) First I want to see how the routes fit into the story and how the truth affects everyone (I really wonder how Aiden would react, for example; unless he turns out to be the killer himself, which I doubt).

I want to see how the relationships develop - if possible what both are thinking. I want to see who makes the first move and how awkward or cute it is. Hotness implied with some routes (like twins). I'm not saying much, I guess, I'm not 'expecting' anything, I just want to see what happens :))

I guess I'd like it if, aside from physical attraction & sex, there would be true romantic feelings. 

2) Aiden x Rei or Minami x Rei 

Cause I like them best. I think it's because Jun x Rei & twins x Rei are more erotic by definition, so naturally I'm more curious about the other two. That and I like improbable couples - age gap, Aiden is/was married, Aiden is Rei's boss, Rei is Minami's tutor. They also seem like they would be more romantic and less sex-driven? Or maybe that's just my impression and it'll turn out the opposite.

4) I have loads. The art is awesome, but what I'm looking forward the most is the story. It's got me so excited, you can't believe. Like is the Doctor one of them or not? If yes, I suspect every single one of the characters (minor ones included). On one hand I want to know, on the other I don't want spoilers! The wait is killing me enough as it is.

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Aiden <3 He's my favorite, but I'll still probably do Minami's route first and his the second.

Sad you have to recast him, I really liked his voice. I hope Minami's never changes.

I never mute the characters. Doesn't matter how poor it is, because I feel like I'm missing out if I mute it.

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1) Hmm, hard one. I think Minami's. I never go for this type of character in VNs, I mean Aiden is more my type but man, Minami's great and I love his voice and I really want to see how things develop (and who's gonna make the first real move; either one would be fun).

I plan to play all of them, of course. Aiden is my type and I already really like him from the demo - I want to know more about him and see how he'll confess to Rei or the other way around. I want to see the twins (obviously), because hell yeah threesome and I want to see if they actually fall in love with Rei or they'll just have fun with him. And I want to see Jun because it's his ex and Rei seems to still have feelings for him - besides, he gave him Kii so that's a plus.

4) I don't think naked sprites are needed. I prefer sticking to CGs for erotic scenes - would rather have an extra CG than naked sprites.