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@NayanMori shut up

i cant plat it

hiii :>

HI @DaQueenOfYou remember me??


your welcome!


omg i havent been on itch io for a long timeeee

i am so sorry for not replying, but as you can see there's a link in the post!!

here's eva!!

i use this on my phone and im glad i found it on here cuz my phone is dead rn, lol!!




no, i have just made a character. Well atleast i dont think its from the promised neverland/ srs


thanks!! ive been looking for this mod for ages..

Hasley and Isabel. isabel : brown light hair, Hasley; Black hair.

i have a link for you guys!! it's there, also credit to the owner of the mod.

here's emersyn

heres mia and flora! flora is the one with the black hair and for the highlight light red i think?? and mia is the one with the light brown hair and for the highlight black.

here's our lovely couple mads and kaylee, kaylee is the one with the black hair. mads is the one with the brown hair.

here's Anna.

sameee, i get bored to

rip, i might have to go irl next year


morning guys, anyone else have online school? or do you have to go in real life?? rip if you have to go in real life

i  love that mod so muchhh!!

here's maya, alot of people are in love with her. THEY EVEN FIGHT OVER HER!! they are crazyyy.. she gets so confused when people fight for her.. 

here is gianna!!

Here's Ava. her friends have recently left her and has spread rumors about ava, and nobody seems to trust ava anymore, ava is really upset because she can't do anything about it.

anyone up, reply to my comment with " >_< " if your awake still, im boredd and cant sleep..

plz tell me im not the only one up lol

here's Lisa!

does anyone know what fnf is in these comments? if you do keep reading and if you don't you can still keep reading if you want!

So basically theres a mod of bfs ex-gf so i drew her, Her name is Ayana!! i will show a pic when i take a picture>_<