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Oh I'm sorry! It was the final version of the demo, I should definitely have made that more clear.
Thank you very much for playing the improved version and even taking the time to make a video of it!
It's nice to see that you still found the first part enjoyable despite having read through it already and of course, it's nice to see people finally getting to experience the new parts of the game as well.
Hopefully, you'll find final version to be to your satisfaction, once it comes out, haha.
Thank you for playing and giving feedback!

Ahaha, thank you very much for your kind words. I actually updated it today so if you're still interested, I hope you'll enjoy the new build.
An indie phenomenon is maybe a bit too hig h praise for a little demo like this, especially with the limited amount of content  that had been in the old version, but I hope it will take off and do well as more content is added and the horror is slowly explored.
Unfortunately, communication is something I'm awful at, but I'll do my best to improve it from now on.

It got updated today!