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It's simple, yet a lot of fun (and also kinda cute). Informative and well-executed, well done!

Soo excited!!! ❤ Thank you for all your hard work!

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Hello, my darlings. Hope you're both doing great! Finally found some free time to play the new version of act 1!!

First things first, it's even more stunning than the first version, rest assured! I was excited to see the new artwork that was integrated into it and you did not make me wait!

Vyn's "wakening" scene also felt surprisingly more immersive with the added effects, so great job, as always!

1. Did you find the words understandable?

I really did! I have a small confession: I always have an online dictionary opened on my phone for games with a sophisticated style of writing, since they're generally a little harder for me to follow in English. With the first version of the game, my little dictionary app saw no rest! With this one, I was able to use it a little less!

2. Did you enjoy the experience of reading the words?

Absolutely. The words are combined, played with, and used beautifully!

3. What is something that jumped out at you as you read it, whether good or bad?

This is actually the main thing I had in mind while playing this version. I think the writing style of The Remainder as a whole sets it apart in a very interesting way. It gets to the point in which, if you just showed me a piece of the game (or one of your Itch posts, really) without telling me who wrote it, I'd probably be able to tell that it was from you, if that was the case (I'll stress "probably", because sometimes I'm a little off my game, hihi). 

And I can say for sure that, at least for me, this essence remains powerfully there!

I hope this was helpful!

Take care of yourselves and stay hydrated! ❤

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I love this post in so many ways ❤! But the main one has to be the amount of emphasis you put into practice!

It really is the key. Countless times I've witnessed people failing at being understanding, open-minded, or genuine, and then automatically proceeding to assume they are a fraud. They aren't, we aren't. 

Even if you think a moral trait is truly important and admirable, you won't develop it overnight.

It is not hypocrisy if you fail on the way to become a better person. As a matter of fact, all of us will fail multiple times along the way. It is part of the process and, as you said, we get better at it every time we try, even (and I dare say especially) when we fail here and there. 

Thank you for sharing your experience and tips with us! 

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Hi Chiel ❤ I'm the silent supporter who comments on your posts every two years, lol. But, since you're going through such a special phase preparing to your wedding, I find myself having to comment here more often. It's so fun to follow and I'm so happy for you! ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

So! To answer your question, I feel like either way is great, but I'm more inclined to say I prefer releases in routes than the whole game at once.  I live in Brazil and the dollar is quite expensive these days. Because of that, it's easier for me to organize my finances to buy games that are released by route, since they are cheaper and come out periodically.

This is a very specific case and I don't think it applies for most of your fanbase, so I think what matters most is your own style as a dev. I've seen good comments talking about you as a perfectionist (same here!) and how route releases can have a negative impact on your polishing plans. In the end, I can say for certain that what feels right for you is the best approach! 

We'll be fine and here anyways! 

See you later! ❤ 

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Congratulations on finishing the game!!! I'm sure this 5 years journey wasn't easy, but you did it. So excited! 🥰

Congratulations <3 <3 I've been following your work silently for a while now (although I've commented before, a looong time ago haha) and I always love how you reply so lovingly to the comments. You're a great writer and artist and I am genuinely sooo happy that things are going so well for you!! Good luck with everything, it will surely work out great!! 

Glad to see you're doing fine! The chibi raptors are way too cute haha

I absolutely love Sherlock! I've finished it and I can say for sure that you'll love John all the way haha He's so badass and cute at the same time! Also, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock is a gift to the world~

I love how Kiara is standing there like "I do not either recognize or used to own any of this fur right there"  haha She's so cute!

Also, congrats on having your design picked! They are really cute and you deserve it ^^

What a complete review! Thanks

I hadn't seen this update of hers before, thanks for sharing!

It's gotta be a huge relief to see your "child" better again, and I'm impressed she's cooperative about taking medicine! Such a good girl :) 

Seems like you had a very long week haha I'm glad Kiara is ok and things are going fine now ^^'

Oh my god, that must've been awful! I'm so glad everything went fine in the end!!

I lost a bunch of files these days 'cause my laptop died on me :( I know the feeling and the struggle, and also know better now than to let my backup with few/no updates in over a semester(yeah, that was on me haha).

Best of luck in the game progress <3

I was very impressed by this game! It's so cleverly done. 

The way the first "not real" endings goes make us completely sure that the true ending is how it's supposed to be, that ignorance must be fought against and that we must be brave to stand for what we believe is correct. I personally think that there is some kind of reward to people that are open to know the truth, accept it and willing to stand for what is right, even if it comes with a great cost.  Even without any reward, I still think it's worth it to be that kind of person, and that's why I love the final end.

The way all the "routes" end up working together as a whole "meaning-maker" is awesome. This game is one of a kind! <3