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Like many others, I initially downloaded this game only because I wanted to get to the NSFW scenes as fast as possible.

But for anyone who's about to download this game only to just straight-up skip the entire story save for NSFW scenes : Don't. You'd be missing out, in my opinion, on one of the most full-fledged story-wise gay VNs out there. I caught myself falling in love with the characters and their routines, their interactions, their feelings (with Zack being quite relatable in certain ways). 

The whole story feels so alive, so realistic, it almost gives that "I've been there" vibe that you can feel all the way up to the ending.

I've completed the "rough draft" and I've played what's been done so far in the remaster. The latter is of such high quality that it's honestly really hard for me to recommend the rough draft instead of waiting for the remaster to be fully completed. But on the other hand, you don't want to miss out on that story, so go check out that rough draft and appreciate it for what it is. You even get to see how quickly the developer picked up on how to write good dialogues and set up good scenes.

All in all, a huge recommendation from me. Thank you for this game, can't wait to replay through it once the remaster is fully out!

Mmh. This game used to work well enough with I Wanna Play Online, but it doesn't anymore. Oh well.

Still, a wonderful Remastered of the original. Great job, guys !

Oh I see

Alright then, thanks again for your answer ^^

Oh I see, thanks for the answer ^^

I tried to let myself get "lewded" off of by blue slimes but it doesn't seem to increase my corruption at all. Unless I need to do it multiple times ?

Hey there, I really enjoy the game !

Quick question, how do you increase your corruption level ? I know there's one scene that requires you to have something like 7 levels of corruption, but I'm not sure about how to increase those.

Also, except for that scene, does corruption serve for something else ?

Once again, thank you for such a great game !

My screen is 60hz, but this thing worked, thanks !

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Hey ! This is an awesome fork of the classic Spelunky, it's really neat !
I was just wondering, is there any way to fix the weird framerate issue ? The game feels like it's running slow, then fast, then slow... The performance is really janky compared to the original Spelunky Classic.

Other than that, incredible job !

If you want to play the game on a Mac, I recommend you to buy it on then use Wine ( to play it.

If you bought the game on, you need to either redownload the game each time there is an update, or if you use the app, you can update from there.

Updates are automatic on Steam/GOG/Nintendo Switch/Mobile.

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Aaaah, if you only have a Chromebook, it was a bit pointless to buy it since you cannot launch ".exe" files on Chromebooks.

To play it on Chromebook, you need to download it on the Google Play Store.

But since you bought it, I recommend you to play the game on Windows, or Mac/Linux (use Wine for those OSes). The game is optimized for PC, with keyboard controls and such.

The game on the Google Play Store is optimized for mobile, so you might have some troubles to play it with your Chromebook.

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Because there's no point in complaining that the game is not free when :

- The game is free on Android/iOS, so you could just get it on your phone or use an Android emulator ;

- The game is only 5$. This is absolutely cheap for what it is.

With that in mind, it's quite clear that people that are complaining about the game not being free are either kids, or people who just don't give a fudge about the devs' needs. (and those people may also be kids.)

Most people who make their games free have a Patreon. So, they're not releasing their games for free because they're generous, it's because they are getting paid for working on their games.

If a person releases their game for free, and has no Patreon, it means this person cannot gain money from their game because either it's a very basic and very short game, or because they're not popular enough. 

It's sad, but it's true. Do not think they're just "generous", there are a lot of things to take into account.

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The game is cross-play, all players from all platforms can play with each other.

I feel like some people aren't verifying if what they're saying is true or not.

The game is free only on Android/iOS, because of the presence of ads (although they're disabled for some time)

It is NOT free on Steam and Nintendo Switch. On those platforms, the game costs the same price as on

Well, it's not like they released it on purpose, haha

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Oh, yeah, I remember ! They recently removed ads for a time because some people were getting unappropriate ads. They will enable them again some day, but until then, there are no ads on mobile.

Although, some people say they never got ads since the game released in 2018. There are reports that the ads sometimes never trigger.

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Please. Do not compare your "games" to Innersloth's work.

I'd have you know that most of the people that are making their games free on have a Patreon. So, while you technically don't pay for the game, they still get paid by people. Either that, or they don't make enough money by Patreon, so they make their game free because it won't be worth for them to make it paid.

You're not generous. You just don't make money from your "games". The comparison here is absurd.

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As I said, I paid for it, in order to download it. :p

Although I play mostly on the Steam version.

If you don't want to pay for the game but you want to play it, play the Mobile version on your phone, or on Bluestacks. By doing so, you'll support the devs by viewing shorts 5 seconds ads between each round. Keep in mind you won't have as much cosmetics as on PC, unless you pay for them. You can also remove ads on Mobile by paying 4$, which is the same price you would pay to have the game on PC.

But don't pirate the PC version. You're not supporting the devs by doing this.

If you play on the version, I recommend using Wine to play it on Mac.

The game has ads on Mobile, that's why it is free. Also, it doesn't have any cosmetics, apart from some hats.

The game on PC is very cheap, it has a discount right now, and you get a bunch of cosmetics when you buy it.
You cannot put ads on a PC game, it doesn't work the same way.

Devs need to eat, so they need the money. That's how it works.

But, it's not ? It costs the same price as on
The game is only free on Android/iOS, because those platforms have ads in the game.

I paid for the game, and I enjoy it. The game is free on Mobile because it contains ads, but you cannot put ads on a PC game.

Developers need to eat, you know. So, they need the money. Also, the game is really cheap and has a 20% discount right now.

I think he means Voice Chat during Meetings. That would make the most sense to me, because Voice Chat during the "gameplay" phase would ruin the game.

Hello, the links for downloading older versions disappeared, can you put them back please ? Thanks, your game is cool !

Hello ! Actually playing your game, and it's a great game, even though it's a demo. Really looking forward for the full game, great job.

I have a question, will the full game have online multiplayer to play with your friends ? I know Steam has the Remote Play Together feature, but it doesn't work well because of my internet connection...

Thanks !