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There's something that you have to put in the hot chocolate (from Diss).

Bump into the side of the drawers. Hehe, I'm surprised that people are still playing this outside of Christmas! XD

Hehe, thanks a lot! No plans currently, they take a lot of time to make, and I have other projects to work on. I'm not letting Fiss anywhere near the Easter bunny

The apricot cookie counts towards your cookie count (it's the name of my webcomic XD), and the blue candies are just there as a gag. Rest easy, you've done 100%!

Oh my gosh, that'd be so funny!! Thank you for playing!

Thanks a lot!! Sadly, being able to go back to a mouse was cut due to the logic being too costly. You have no idea how difficult it was getting the game to fit!

And yeah, I've seen all the complaints about the difficulty. I made the base quest line easier than the first game, with the option of going after horns for more difficultly. Didn't exactly come out as planned, everybody wants those shiny horns. :3

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Quickest time I've seen is 6 minutes 28 seconds (100%), which is 2 minutes less than my own!

The cookies are a big hint. I'm surprised you managed to not trigger it accidentally, you must be very precise with your movement! :)

There's a path through via the left if you look very closely. :)

You were so close to being able to finish!! (horns are optional for 100%) Find somewhere behind Diss to fill the bottle with water.

You push something into the closet. There's some playthrough videos here in the comments if you get stuck. :)

Before the festive season ends, allow me to share this utterly gorgeous fan art of Fiss the elf!

As part of my webcomic I ran an advent calendar which featured a different kink behind every door. The last day was "hot elf", which ultimately lead to me making this. I've been wanting to make a Pico8 game for a long time!

Haha, thank you!

That's romance for you! XD

OMGosh, I never in a million years thought I'd get playthrough videos! This is so amazing, I can't help but laugh at your long silence at the end. Thank you so much for this!! XD

Haha, and here I was thinking that I made a wholesome game! (love that little animated Fiss!)

OMG, I never imagined anything like this would happen!! This is amazing, haha! And massively interesting for me to watch! Sorry you got the initial version with the buggy timer! XD