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Thanks for playing! I agree the conveyance and ergonomics of the level and mechanics could be tighter. I'll focus more on those for next time!

Hey ProofreadFire, thanks for checking out my level! The intention for this level was to keep it mechanically simple and instead explore storytelling through atmosphere and level layout. I particularly liked your idea for using people silhouettes in some of the more chaotic rooms. Thanks very much for recording your playthrough, all your feedback is very valuable!

The new version is up now! We'd love to know what you think!

Hello, MrJingles, we're sorry to hear that you've encountered this glitch. This is actually a known bug that can be solved by either skipping the first level, or by not falling down. However, we are also planning on uploading a fixed, more expanded version  of Idol Run tonight, if you don't mind waiting. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing our game, James! Swiping to rotate the player is a great idea, since this game requires lots of turning and swinging, that would be an excellent way to make sure players don't destroy their room!

Hello Fellowplayer,

This is a VR game specifically built for HTC Vive. I am currently updating the description now to detail that.

Thanks so much for playing and critiquing! We'll definitely take what you said into account. Level 2 is definitely overwhelming, and although I tried to section off areas a bit, there's definitely a  lot more that can be done in regards to direction. Thanks again for the criticisms!