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Everytime I tried to run Obunga.exe, the game suddenly closed and then force open my DIscord. Do I need Garry's Mod to play this? Or do I need to play it on Discord?

Great game. Loves this kind of survival horror. Good work!

Very nice game! I even speedrun the game just for fun.

Very nice! Love the overall art and graphics. The sound was a bit low, imo. There was some bugs in the game, but still enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

Creepy short horror game! Trying to remember the number while being chased down by the entity is a challenge.

Loved it! Very creepy! Don't know what to do with the letter knife, tho. Maybe I missed something.

This is good so far. A bit buggy, though. The keypad on the second level can't be interacted when I solve the light puzzle, so I have to restart the game and input the code without solving the puzzle again.

This is good! Very fun game. Got 2 endings!

Very funny! Got all the endings.

Very fun game! I finished it in 3:24 and died 19 times!

It's random, and the error message are always the same.

There is an error at the last stage, can't progress any further because of it. Good game, though.

Didn't expect this to become The Backrooms horror game. Still good, though.

Loved it! The art style is gorgeous,. The atmosphere is creepy and nostalgic.

I still don't know how to use the spell I just bought. Maybe I missed something? Good game overall!

Very good game! Although the game is buggy in many ways, I still find it enjoyable.

Good game! I think the jumping needs a bit more height.

Very good game right there, comrade!

Really fun game! Reminds me more of Katamari Damacy.

Good short! The control need a fixing, and it's quite dark, too. Good thing I got all the endings. 3/5

Fun game! I wish there were more cars and maps(not just day/night cycle, but entirely different place). This is good, overall. Nice work!

Very good! Loved it.

Yes, especially the 3rd and final boss. It took around 30 tries on 3rd boss and 40 on final boss. (could be more but I lost count after that)

Nice game! Very fun and nostalgic. Reminds me of Banjo Kazooie but with M-rated gameplay like Conker's Bad Fur Day. Pretty good game!

Pretty good game! Pages doesn't randomly placed so I just need to memorized everything. Shrek Wazowski is fast but can still be outrun until he stop chasing. Game's not too hard but can be challenging, too!

Great game! Creepy atmosphere and graphics. A bit confusing when I start the game since there is no tutorial on what to do next until you figure it out yourself.

Great horror game! Scary and unsettling. I love how it builds up the creepiness the longer you play. Nice work!

Frickin' awesome! Reminds me of The Contra Adventure for some reason. Great game! I wish you good luck for the jam.

Good short. Quite terrifying! Some items are well hidden It's actually give me a hard time finding them. Nice game overall!

Nice demo! I can feel that this game going to explode in popularity once the full release comes out. Very fun gameplay, creepy atmosphere, challenging puzzles, everything looks great so far. Keep up the good work!

Nice! I see that The Backrooms is still popular to  this day. The gameplay is good, puzzles were not too complicated! Good game overall!

Great looking game! The movement control is wrong, though. It's not WASD, it's Q(left) S(back) D(right) and Z(forward), don't know how to change it since there's no option menu. Other than that the game is really well made!

Nice! Short but creepy.

Just found your game on the front page of It's Resident Evil but with bugs, which is a nice and funny concept. Control is easy to learn. Very good demo so far!

This is great!

Hard at first, but when you know the way to the key, it's quite simple, only problem is to avoid those 3. Good game, though!

Lots of bugs at Slytherin Dungeon, but the previous 2 stage is ok. Good game, though!