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This is so scary! Good job, Lixian!

Spooky. Love it!

It's good. Not much going on but still creepy

This is awesome! Really terrifying experience. Love the music, too.

Awesome game! Very fun and can be challenging. Nice work!

This is fun to play. Cute and colorful pixel art. Gameplay mechanic is easy to understand.

Creepy. The jumpscares are scary. Nice work.

Creepy. Nice game.

Good game. Creepy and unsettling.

Great game! It's so fun making different fruits combination. I wish it was longer. Very enjoyable game. Nice work!

Good game. Wasn't so hard if you strategize it really well.

Good game. Creepy atmosphere and graphics. Still not sure if there's another ending in the game.

Good & fun to play! Nice concept and mechanics. Loved it!

This is good.

Pretty good, though. I liked it.

Use Dash as soon as you jump, the timing must be right, though

This is awesome! Great story with unexpected ending. The sharks model are terrifyingly good. I wish there was a checkpoint after reaching the laser-cutter, kinda boring that you make the player pushing the cage again. Overall, this is a very terrifying experience. great job!

Good game. Really fun gameplay. Nice work!

Loved it!

This is great. Good story. Very fun platformer. Nice work!

Not bad, though. Cute Characters and art style. Movements are a bit, rough, I think? But it's not like it's hard to control or anything. I think it might be great if you continue the project.

Good game. When game over, please add an option to choose retry or quit, got me confused a bit like I thought it got stuck or something.

Nice concept of the game. This can also train you to memorize things a lot quicker. good game.

This is good. simple and fun little game.

This is great! I'm expecting some kind of boss fight in the end lol. Still good, though.

Cute little game. Loved it! :)

Good game. Simple and fun. nice work!

This is Great!

Awesome game! The challenge is that it's easy at first but the longer you play, the harder it gets. Play too long and you're gonna have a bad time. Nice work on the game, though!

Very nice! Dark and creepy. Good work!

Great game! Simple and fun. I love it!

Very good demo! Beautifully made pixel art. Overall visual is great. Gameplay mechanic weren't too hard to master. The tutorial got me confused the first time I play since it's only give the tutorial for controller. Maybe change the tutorial's text guide like "A to Jump" to "Space to Jump" when using  keyboard. Other than that, the demo is great so far!

Very cool game, I love it! Can't wait to see more!

Good game. The movement seems to be the only problem. When I stopped moving, the character didn't stop, but keep sliding. It's like running on ice or something.

Good demo so far. Would like to see more.

This is great! Reminds me of Majora's Mask for some reason. Day 1-4 weren't so hard. The last day was the real challenge for me. Good work!

Very good! Cute, relaxing, and heartwarming. Loved the art style. Great work!

Good demo. Just want to add some critic and suggestion.

Little Reaper need buffs. Basic attack's limited hitbox and slow attack speed makes it really hard for her to hit enemies, and with slow casting speed she can barely attack an enemy, let alone a horde of enemies. The other two was ok, imo.

Gathering exp only from souls was quite the challenge since the enemy I killed was mostly around or inside the horde of enemies which I have to force my way through or get around them just to collect some exp. This gets even harder with Little Reaper since there's no way for her to get through that much enemies. Plus, they don't always drop souls. Enemies keeps getting stronger while I'm stuck at low level trying to collect exp.

Looking forward for the next demo. Game is ok so far.