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Should be available on the BBS now
   - Date&Time PR Team

Will be fixed in the next update !

thank you so much for the kind words ! chronoco™ is proud they could realise that dream for you <3
    - Date&Time Development Branch

Chronoco™ thanks you for your support , could you go into a little more detail about the bug ! I'd love to get that stomped out as soon as I can <3
    - Date&Time Development Branch

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In a couple of days ! I'm just gonna hold off for a bit until I update it to work with persistent memory
    - Date&Time Development Branch

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We thank the president for their endorsement !
    - Date&Time Development Branch

Thank you so much ! <3

I appreciate the words on the itch page , I always try my best to make it pretty ::))

thanks for playing !

yeah I've definitely got to drop the difficulty of that one down just a bit :')) Appreciate the comment <3

damn ! really nice work <3


Updated right now ! sorry I took so long to get back- added the .p8 files to the download link <3

such a gorgeous project ! so excited to give it a play when i get home <3

sorry mate I'm not sure exactly what you mean , could you send me over a screenshot ?

Thank you !

yeah I'll definitely add some lovely music in a big 1.0 update in a little while , thank you so much for playing !

thank you mate !

wanted to make it tough as hell >:)

It's definitely a jump in difficulty ! haha~~

might need to look into it if more people feel this way though

Absolutely ! the cart is already available for download on this page for 2USD , if you genuinely can't front the cost send me a dm on twitter <3

I'm glad you came to like the recoil mechanic ! I wanted to make shooting a bit more of a decision rather than just holding the button the entire time . 

Music is definitely planned ! and will probably come to the game alongside the final boss

Thank you for playing AlterHowdegen ! 

I really appreciate the comment , I think the progression is fun too ! I'm glad you like it <3

Thank you ! I wanted to make the game feel a bit different to a shmup- so I've been getting a lot of comments from people who didn't like that feature all !

So It's really appreciated you saying that you like it !

Thank you for playing <3

I'm glad to kept them in ! really effective stuff <3

what a fantastic little project , visually striking with all the effects too ! exactly enough to be super appealing and not too much so it gets distracting . I particularly like the bubbles when you're "drafting" behind the turtles !

I think the risk/reward with the multiplier is a fantastic edition too ! really clever design here all around <3

Thank you , we had so much fun adding them all in haha !

I really appreciate the kind words ! The score thing is definitely something we needed to work on , the points are completely arbitrary and mostly just random unless you get the "correct" ingredient . But I like the concept of it not really mattering in the end anyway , because you get to choose your own score ahah .

I'm glad you really loved all the little touches , we had such a blast adding them on I'm sure you could tell haha !

Thank you so much for playing it ! We've been talking about doing a little bit of a remake on it so that it's more functional as an actual game , if ya interesting in hearing about it check us out on twitter we tweet fairly often !


yeha it's definitely a limitation of pico8 , we've been brainstorming how to solve that problem to little avail haha

Thank you !

thank you for playing ! it's really appreciated

Thank you so much ! <3

yeah I think I definitely agree , pico8 really doesn't lend itself to reading text quickly . The pico8 default font is really not that great haha !

Thanks for taking the take to play our project though , I really appreciate it <3

Thank you for playing ! And upon seeing all the feedback , I definitely agree !

I appreciate you taking the time to leave a note <3

yeah definitely , that's been our main criticism . perhaps a couple updates could make this the fantastic project it deserves to be . 72 hours is rough ! XD

thank you so much ! honestly we really just tried really hard haha ! I can't speak for Yolwoocle , but there's aspects of this that I think are the best I've been able to do so far . I really appreciate the kind words <3

thank you for playing !

pico8 has it's limitations ! we found that the uppercase font was a bit aggressive , and we wanted to save it for things we wanted emboldened . It's shame though , but I definitely feel the same way . If I had another chance I'd have made the time limit a little bit more generous , but hindsight is always 20/20 ! haha

Oh my goodness that is so nice to hear , I normally make games with a very safe colour palette , so this was a bit of a risk for me haha ! Yolwoocle less so , he spits out masterpieces like it makes up most of his diet LOL

I suppose we wanted the gameplay to feel a little confusing because we wanted to the player to reach the feeling of "giving up and just murdering people due to incompetence" , but I suppose that's a really hard feeling to accomplish without lots of time spent playtesting . I appreciate the play , thank you for you time <3

very valid criticism ! thanks for taking the time to play regardless , I really appreciate the feedback . sorry you didn't  have a great time though :(

thank you for your feedback ! I completely agree , I'd have loved a little extra time to really cement down a solid game loop .

thanks for playing <3

really fantastic project here , the music is so lovely- and the controls feel really good ! I'm sure you'd already considered it , but it'd be nice to be able to dash immediately after a jump so that you can do super fast combos . I'm sure there's a reason why you can't however . really lovely game !

Thank you so much ! I appreciate anybody bothering to read stuff I've written <3