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This was truly the opposite of a dry delight!

ok I'm sorry ;u; just wanted to say i really liked it, k thx

Loved it! Only complaint - I wish there was more of it, haha. 

Eagerly awaiting the full version <3

This was... kind of like going to McDonald's and ordering a burger but instead the cashier starts lecturing you about how bad junk food is for you D:

Kinda like the idea and some of the execution though. Maybe it's because I'm bit of a masochist.

I'm really looking forward to an extended version of this!

You've got a relatable protagonist and great characters, along with beautiful art. What else could you ask for?

My favourite part of the demo is probably the interactions between MC and the characters. She says something slightly awkward - they respond like a normal human would. The fact that they're able to read the mood makes it all seem more realistic than your average dating sim, I think.  They all also seem to have their own lives and emotions and don't just fawn over MC and how beautiful she is. Thanks for bringing more reality into the dreamlike world of dating sims! :D

Loved this game! The secret ending also made me laugh out of surprise, great job! <3

Only played the demo version, yet - but so far loving it! Looking forward to the full version! <3