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Beautiful concept and themes, I'm getting a little teary eyed just thinking about it

This was very fun and cute! My souls-like horror speedrunner etc. managed to score an 11/10, too!

This was very heartening... as much as things might suck when it comes to connecting with other people, we've always found ways to get through in the past and we'll continue to keep doing so. Thank you!

Oh, I've had tech moments that basically have me feeling like this. Poor puppy photo... at least we avenged you in the end!

This might be a short game, but MAN it's satisfying to watch when everything's upgraded! Excellent work!

While I appreciate there being a content warning at all, I would like something a little more specific. Just writing "do not play if you have any mental health issues" is like saying "don't eat this if you've ever had food poisoning," it doesn't tell people anything about what's being presented or what to prepare themselves for.

Very cute, and well crafted! The puzzles and main mechanic felt satisfying to figure out without being super difficult!

Short, sweet, and satisfying! Especially once you reach those higher levels and can just watch all the balls bouncing around. Nice work!

Hey this is a really creative little puzzle, I look forward to seeing if you do more with the concept in the future!

A lot of fun! Some of the spots were a little tricky in terms of how precise I had to be with my movements, but was still able to figure it out and get through. Good work!

Man, what a great adaptation of the show! I'm just sad that I've forgotten some of those jingles over the years more than anything!

That's really cute for a concept, nice job!

I don't know if it was an intentional thing or not, but I'm really amused by how one last asset will appear on the conveyor ocne you've hit the time up screen. It's like "oh nooooo we could have added this other cool thing!" which is relatable for any type of project, honestly.

This was so adorable and fun! The reaction times for a few of these levels felt kinda brutal, but everything is conveyed nicely through gameplay and mechanics, and it was a very enjoyable little game overall!

Oh- go back to the fork in the road and head north, those instructions are to get you through the forest maze!

Wow, Isk is right... I really AM a person!

Sure a chill game demo, I was hooked from the trailer music and it's great to see that the gameplay's tight enough to back up those vibes! Can't wait for the full release!

(I suppose it's one of those things that is up to what the player thinks happened, huh? That works just fine by me!)

Hey, this was a really lovely and thoughtful experience. I fully admit to playing around in the snow and making shapes with my footprints in the first couple screens, then switching between exploration and focused travel for each sort of story beat depending on what I was feeling at the time. Made for something... I dunno, linear but still with my own spin on things, and it was set up really, really well.

(I also really hope my I was able to keep ahold of the meat, I'd have hated to go through all that with only a handful of berries to show for it, lol)

Well for what you were able to complete, it was really put-together! Thank YOU for making the game!

That's understandable, then! And you're super welcome... now I've gotta work on something nice for my own grandma!

What a lovely game! Though I hope if you ever come out with a new version it includes being able to replace the lightbulb... I felt bad not being able to do that when I could feed the cat and water the plants :c

First saw this on kongregate and just... keep coming back to it, what a simple but engaging game you've made here! I'll keep trying until I beat hardcore mode, though!

Running into two issues; the player's health isn't regenerating and I can't increase my gathering skills to get copper/increase my yield per click.

Well- that was unexpected, but really entertaining! Nice job!

A very beautiful game, with an interesting look at nature and how it can work... I get reminded of some aspects of the show Mushi-shi, in terms of how it's adressed and the use of parasitic plants? Not shown as necessarily a scary or bad thing but just... hey, here's how nature works, and it has its own sort of beauty to it. It's very thoughtful, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Well-written and vaguely haunting... this was a really good game, I loved how the room transitions were done

thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a bunch, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Here’s to the next game!

This is a really fun take on the jam theme, I like it a lot!  Simple but effective, and I'm looking forward to when you add more levels!

Hey, I'm having some trouble in the second invisible maze room- if I try to go back the way I came I'm trapped in the walls of the starting room. Just a heads up, because I love the melancholy tone of the game so far and once i get past that darned room I'm sure I'll love it even more!

Oh my goodness- those are some really kind words, and I really appreciate them. I'm glad that I could help inspire you, and if you end up making something here in the future I hope I can see it!

Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

Oh my gosh- this is a fun and darkly hilarious game concept, I'm really looking forward to the final product!

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm really glad people seem to enjoy the theme and the small touches like the character names, and I'm glad you enjoyed playing!

I definitely will! Looking forward to it!

I played this whole game in one go because I was having so much fun using my powers of deduction to flirt with attractive ladies! I hope this team continues making games in the future, because some kind of sequel that expands on the more spoilery stuff in the end would be great to see!