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Made a wish and dropped a nickel down the well. Something threw the nickel back at me and told me to, "Stop being a cheapskate!" 

This McDonald's had great customer service and great-tasting food; my kids really enjoyed meeting Ronald McDonald! He said he'd bring them right back as he was gonna show them how the burgers were made. It's getting dark now and the restaurant is empty...

This was the worst McDonald's experience I ever had! Didn't even get my burger or fries! They didn't even put any napkins in the bag!!!

Next time I wander into an old house with an obvious possessed doll problem, I'm bringing more batteries for my camcorder. That's for sure!

This game reminded me of when I went for a late-night walk downtown with my dad, but instead of a man running after us, my dad just ran away from me and never returned.

This game reminded me of the time my dad and I went for a hike in the woods, he told me to "wait here" while he went to "find a place to pee" and never came back.

When Ronald McDonald said, "It's McGlobbin' time!" I knew this game was gonna be the peak of horror gaming! I still can't believe the secret ingredient in all McDonald's recipes was so simple yet perfect.

Having been terrified of aliens since I was a little lad, this was a living hell to play in regards to how scary it was! I dreaded every step forward. You might have made the scariest game I ever played! Fantastic job!

The scariest part of this game was playing as someone who leaves cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon laying around... At least drink some good beer, you know what I'm sayin' brothurrr?! HEHEHE! (*Said in a raspy alcoholic voice*)

This game is like a gnome: short, sweet, and terrifying when played with in the dark.

The scares made me vibrate and contort my muscles like I've never done before. Thank you!

I was not expecting the 6 1/2-minute sex scene in this game. It was genuinely awkward playing this with my parents watching. Great game though!

Never been to such a fantastic birthday party in my life! We had some delicious milkshakes, then the next thing I remember was we played hide n' seek at Grimace's house... HE FOUND ME!

The Devil made me diddly-do it! I swear, officer! He tempted me with sinning, and boy, hoo hoo! Did it ever feel so good! 

This game will make you 3.4x more handsome and feel the masculine urge to start a house project and never finish it! The most immersive way to play this game is to soak yourself in Dior Sauvage and grow a mustache to really feel like the man himself; Max.

Can't believe I left grandma's hungry! She didn't even give me a cookie! What is up with her? 

Not even scary, this is a game for weenies! (I am terrified of this game and have been having nightmares of Squidward's tentacles strangling me in my sleep)

I cheated death escaping him the first time, but now I am stranded in another part of the swamp, and he followed me here. There is no way out of here... unless I collect more onions.

That's the last time I ever go to an AirBNB with low ratings. The food was expired, the power barely worked, and the pictures on the wall turned out to be something way more disturbing! I also couldn't take a dump in peace.

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One of my best childhood memories was collecting onions in the swamp with my dad. One day he went out alone and never came back... I think this game has the answer to what took my dad away from me.

You think you're brave enough to play this game? The sheer terror I faced made my shorts stain... each pair I've worn since has stained as well... Now I don't know if it was the game that caused this, or if I have a problem.

Do you have a death wish? Do you want to play the dance of death? By playing this game you are tempting Death. No man has ever successfully finished this game and survived. Do you think you're that guy? Trust me you're not that guy, pal!

No weenies allowed! How tough are you? Tough enough to handle this game? Only those who eat a bowl of nails (without any milk) for breakfast are tough enough to play this nightmare-inducing fear fest! So tell me, gamers... are you a weenie?

This is why I always bring a knife with me when I'm alone in the woods. You never know who might be out there. Some lunatic might be out there wanting to skin you alive... that's why I skin THEM first... 

They say the roots of a South African wild fig tree can exceed depths of 390 feet... that is no more than a stone's throw for the Rootman. His writhing roots will slither their way to you, no matter how far away you run. Believe me, he got me...

My hemorrhoids popped while playing this fear-fueled fright fest! The pain was temporary, but the satisfaction of getting the "Good Ending" as well as unlocking the secret in the Sugar Tunnel will last forever! (I wanted to play this since the PewDiePie and Markiplier days.)

Your IQ will drop by 24 points by playing this game. Only those with the strongest of wills will be able to play this game until the end, those who don't haven't been heard of or remembered ever again. You may be have lost a few brain cells at the end of this, but you'll emerge a legend.

I woke up last week in the hospital, I asked the nurse, "What happened to me?" She replied, "You were playing Nun Massacre a.k.a. Night of the Nun by Puppet Combo. The game was so scary, you had a heart attack while playing." I said, "That is the best scariest game I ever played." Then I went home and played some more.

I'm sorry, that thing at the top of the mountain... it was the one who was calling me. It needed me and I needed it. Now it hungers for more, it- no! WE need you to climb to the top of the mountain and become part of us! You already have the disc. Just put it in...

I need to play it. The whispers are becoming more clear, almost like it's speaking to me. I can barely sleep. When I do manage to get a few hours of sleep, it's the same dream of me running to the top of the mountain, a figure in black following me from a distance... I can't make out a face, but he almost looks skeletal but purple...

This game just gets weirder and weirder, not only are the games strange but now things in the real world are. I sometimes hear a faint whisper coming from either the PlayStation or the game.... calling my name... almost like the game is haunted.

Christmas Day 2021, I woke up excited to see what gifts I may find underneath my Christmas tree however, all I got was a small package no bigger than a CD case wrapped in old sunbleached Christmas paper. To my surprise after opening it up, I found it was a PS1 game. It took me a year to find a PS1 to play it, but here's my experience:

It looks like I must have been on Santa's naughty list... Most people just get a lump of coal, or their parents get a divorce because it's their fault... This time Santa came out to get his hands wet on dealing with those naughty people, and I've been VERY naughty...

The footage you are about to see is owned by the property of [REDACTED] and should not be viewed by anyone. DO NOT CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW. Those found with this footage without proper authorization will be prosecuted and fined.

I thought this was just a game... After completing The Shadow of Route 80, I started hearing voices for the first few hours... the day and night skies are in a permanent red hue... I can't recognize myself in the mirror and the being behind me won't stop breathing down my neck.

I will never be able to sleep again! This game has reached the pinnacle of horror! It's been 5 days since I last slept, I can't tell what's real anymore! What I do know that is real... is that creature standing above my bed.

From the moment my child was sent off to this school, I had an aching feeling something was wrong... The mother superior, Mother Apollonia, seemed a bit off; something about her glare. I should have known then. Now I pay the price. BEWARE THE VENTS!

I tried to overcome my thalassophobia by going for a dive in some decently shallow water while in the Caribbean. While on my dive I found something... or... it found me... It needed me and I needed it... This is what I experienced:

This game made lasagna ooze from my pores and caused my hair to grey. As a lover of animals, I learned there are some things you mustn't do for a cat, even if it's simply helping it get back inside its house! You may never find a way back out once he traps you inside... I hate Mondays....

This game will make you have to move back in with mommy, as the cold lonely nights are unsafe from the terrifying tentacled killer! You may never know who he will strike next, or where. Think you can handle it?