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I made a let's play channel last year, and this game was used for my first video. 1 year later of uploading videos daily, I felt I needed to give this game another run. Here is my 1-year anniversary special featuring this iconic game:

Thanks, Fleebs.

Was this just a dream...? Or is this a memory? I can see him from the corner of my eyes sometimes, he vanishes when I try to look. I've lost sense of reality... 

I can still hear his footsteps upstairs... I can't hold my breath much longer...

Back when I was 9, I would ask my parents to check behind the shower curtain before I would use the bathroom. This 9-year-old walks alone into an abandoned house of a toymaker and keeps exploring when supernatural things happen right in front of him...

I just was looking for a place to rest while I saved money to buy my new house, I never expected an endless nightmare. Each night gets more mysterious and horrific. I hear him outside my door...

My police training is complete. I am ready to patrol the streets of Maple County. The threat is getting worse, the police force needs your help.

Each night I suffer through the same nightmare. She's always there reminding me of what I did, what we used to be. There's nowhere I can hide.

Each scare made all the legs on my hairs stand straight, I think a blood vessel burst in my brain from the sheer terror. 

No matter where I go, no matter how fast I run, there he is always behind me...

He got me many times and scared me each time. I will never mentally recover from this.

Felt great to do the community a service and take out their garbage voluntarily! Had a few creepy experiences while disposing the garbage, but what else can you expect when taking out garbage in the dead of night?

Even when expecting a big jumpscare, it still got me! A slimy green projectile of snot shot out through my nose and nestled itself between the keys of my keyboard. I haven't cleaned it yet to remind me of why that booger is still there... great job at startling me! Had me at the edge of my seat the whole time!

Loved the game, made me burst a blood vessel in my rectum from the jumpscares! Glad I knew the reference that this game took inspiration from!

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Never going to forget this game! Instantly hooked and my shorts were definitely blasted in brown paste after playing this! Keep up the great work!

Didn't realize until the end you also made Cage Face, loved that game and loved this one! You definitely have some talent and an obvious passion for making great horror games! 

Had no idea what I was doing, but that's my fault. I still had fun playing and editing this one! Definitely a memorable game and if I understood French, I would play this game to the end!

Fun little game, was definitely spooked a few times. Keep up the great work!

I am not a reviewer by any means so take what I say not too seriously. I may have seemed a little harsh in my video, but the game wasn't bad at all. I can tell a great deal of work and passion was put in. My only gripe is the repetitiveness of finding a key to unlock a room, then going to that next room to get a key that unlocks another. Keep it up! (My bad for not finding the first stone hidden in plain sight.)

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Fun little game! Had a great time playing and editing this one! I can't get enough of these PS1-style horror games. Keep it up!

The perplexing puzzles were fun! My massive supremely wrinkly brain even took a while to figure these puzzles out. I was also shidding and farding a few times due to my imagination taking over and thinking spooky things were gonna pop up and scare me. Great work, took me more than 3 minutes...

I can't get enough of games like this! I love the PS1 style, brings me back to much simpler times. Keep it up! 

The aesthetic of liminal spaces with vaporwave vibes really got me hooked. I can't wait to play the full game!

Fun, frightening, and almost an exact recreation of my experience in a hospital very much like this. Expect a lawsuit coming your way mother f***er. Yer done, bud. Top-quality game though, keep it up!

Really interesting game! I wish I had more time to properly finish it to see the ending, but from what I've played it did scare the bejesus out of me. Maybe one day I will venture back into the frozen prison and confront the creature of my nightmares once again!

(Gameplay starts at 5:55) 

This game reminded me of that time I was kidnapped by a family of mannequins who wouldn't let me escape their house in an abandoned Sears store. I was forced to sleep in the former perfume area where the smell of 37 years' worth of perfume samples rested in the crusty carpets. I was only able to live by eating small mice from the leftover traps laid out beneath the counters. I had to eat a lot to maintain proper nourishment as mice are small and we don't have rats in Alberta (tips my cowboy hat and spits the chewing tobacco I've been sucking on since our last I love Alberta oil truck convoy rally at your shoe).

Great game.

The ending was unexpected and hit me like a truck on the inside. Short but effective game here! Good job on the story and scares!

THIS GAME! I tell you, this game... I am on board to doing a full game playthrough. I was immersed and frightened the whole time! Even when there weren't any threats around me in some areas, the feeling that anything could go bad at any time kept me interested! Love what you created, keep it up!

Nice game you made here! The limited battery life on the flashlight added a sense of urgency that reminded you how screwed you are when the light fades to nothing. It did take me a while and a few attempts to find everything in the dark, but once the pace picked up again I enjoyed what remained after my frustration. Keep it up!

I don't know if I really showed it on camera, but I was legitimately scared to turn every corner. Great work on this game! Never going to the basement of a building again!

(Ignore my confusion in the video later on as I confused this game with another from a let's play I watched months ago)

Very unique game, wish more games used voice commands like this in a way that is useful! The scares got me pretty good, setting and plot was immersive and interesting! Great work!

Really fun game! The option to have bad voice acting is a great choice I have never seen before in a game, it also adds a charm to the game that I will never forget! (Gameplay starts at 3:58)

Had a blast recording these! Absolutely had to do a playthrough before Halloween is over! These 5 games stood out to me and gave me proper spooky scary vibes! Which demo was your favourite? Mine is The Heilwald Loophole!

Had a blast with this, the scenery was breathtaking! Makes me want to move into a nice Tuscany villa... without a plague and a cold-blooded murderer coming after me.

The scares really got me a few times there, good job. I'll have to do a full game playthrough sometime!

Ahh, good to know! Thanks!

Such a beautiful game, I honestly can't wait to play more of this! Doing a full series on this as soon as Halloween is over! Love everything about this game, definitely gonna try out the 3rilogy expansion as well!

First half was very spooky, the jumpscares got me pretty good. Took me a while to figure out where to go near the end. Would have liked to have seen more scares near the end as well.

The scary bits got me good! Game was interesting, the beginning of the game had very creepy ambiance, I didn't really notice the creepy voices and sounds later on. I delve more deeper into what I thought of the game at te end of my video at 21:17.

(Gameplay starts at 6:48) Didn't know what to expect of this game, I should have expected a change of shorts because that's what I needed after playing this! The ending was creepy and memorable, my curiosity got to me and tried the alternate ending and paid the price! Great little game, keep up the great work!