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I realised I needed to clarify my wording a bit in the game. When the spiritweavers view the human memories, they don't see gender or age, only the feelings, thoughts and experience. But you, the player, come up with the memory with all the details intact. I wanted to explore the idea of watching someone's life and memories from an outside perspective.

I imagine the spiritweaver watching the memories and any figures being slightly blurred.

So an example would be - 'The person in the memory is standing on a wooden dock. They are on the phone, saying goodbye. They are sad, but part of them is relieved. The person they are talking to is loud and can be heard in the quiet air. It is someone they loved strongly. While it hurts them, they can feel a sense of calm, like taking a deep breath.'

I hope that makes a bit more sense!

I unfortunately can’t send things to the UK due to confusing tax things, however I’ll put the zine up in my etsy shop once I’ve completed the itch funding orders as etsy thankfully handles all the tax things for me! 

Hi Riccardo, 

Absolutely! My email address is, that's the best place to get in touch.

Shipping to NZ is $9 which is cheaper than shipping to the US so it's in the middle between Aus shipping and the international shipping. So you can select the Aussie tier and add a few extra dollars to cover the shipping?  

Whoo hoo, thanks for your support Graham!

Thanks for your review! Yes, the grammar errors were all my fault, the editor did a flawless job at editing the game but I went in and changed some things after and did not proof read properly. I have fixed some mistakes, if there are any left please let me know and I'll fix them!