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Oh well, thanks for the information! i will try it in another device, and keep up the amazing things that you are doing its really great, if there are other projects it will be wonderful to see what it is :D

It´s really interesting the idea, and the main story, but idk i think the downloadable i have or my pc has a glitch in the beggining of the adventure, only the things i can interact have the pixel colurs, and the background is all black, maybe its a glitch for some computers, and that ruined some of the gameplay, if you want to know my windows version is 8.1 pro, if the glitch is because my computer, i want to know if there is an option to fix it. 

apart from that, i really enjoy it, great work!!

Hi, i want to use this pack, but idk in which program i can use this set, i can use it in unity? or in RPG maker from 2007 or others?