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Thank you. Fixed those and I'm honestly revamping most the game and working on level design(thanks Metal Abaj),effects,fixing sprites and dialogue(...still probably gonna be bad dialogue and mostly for jokes/references.) So update might take a while ^^;

Thanks for playing the game.

But yeah I'll increase it from the default 30-ish steps before encounter soon.

Also,can you please give some examples on where the dialogue was cut so I can fix it?

If so thank you.

So much rage inducing fun! xD I lost 7 or so times in a row but finally won.

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You can message me on Twitter Josh Cope/ @EternalRefrain.

Not really on there often but if its advice on how to make games better or etc then I'll check now and then to chat.

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Alright, I think I found the problem and I'll upload the fixed version. My apologies I made them player touch/walk instead of action button ^^;.

*EDIT* Alright uploaded a new version and it should immediately transfer you.

The entrances to the Minotaur cave are on the left+right sides of it. Exit when you enter is right below you.

Gotta enter DemonLord's castle from below it and exit is the door.