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Thanks for the kind words! I hope the update is to your liking. Happy Halloween!

I was thinking of making an expanded form for zinequest in Feb (not the current one). 

We shall see!

Thank you! That's kind of how the document started. It's almost like my personal "greatest hits" from all the RPGs I love.

Wow, I can. That is super helpful of you!

Also, I loved your Beyond the Borderlands series and can't wait for #3

I paid $5 to get access before. Is there a way to pay just $1 more dollar to have paid a total of $6 to get access to the Cardcrawl and the Treasure and Magic?

Ah, thanks

You put a lot of love into this and it shows. As a fellow creator, I wanted to commend you. It looks awesome!

Thanks for providing community copies. I love hex crawls, but I am between jobs at the moment. This looks great!

This is pretty cool. Can I ask where you got the first image?

Thanks for adding a digital version! I don't have a printer at the moment and I can use this on my screen. It's awesome by the way

Yes! I definitely tried to eliminate "extra steps" in everything. This included math when possible, especially subtraction. This is probably a side-effect of having run for kids as well as adults.

Welp, I guess it was only online. When downloaded as a PDF it doesn't have the issue!

I think it's interesting that we have some of the same inspiration but came out with totally different games.

I love the four stats and how you renamed them. The ability tests are interesting and keep things solely on the players. The best thing I like is the OSR Conversion Guide.

I don't know if it's my computer, but the Wealth Dice spills over into the next page (Attributions).

Overall, great job!

Remember when punching a Nazi wasn't controversial?

This kind of reminds me of the Maze Rats magic system, mixed with Skyrim's Words of Power (since you can find the words in different places). 

This was really creative. Awesome job!

These are some really good ideas. I am enamored with Simbar's Melting Marionettes. Definitely need to put that in my next game. Good work!

Simple and clean. Do you know what your timeline looks like to get to v1.0?

We don't usually see this much color in OSR games, so it's awesome to see an unconventional color scheme. Very bright.

Thanks, I am going to consider some name changes

Thank you for that!

I did not know that. Do you think it would be a big deal to others or the other author?

Just saw this after submitting my own OSR June Jam game and I gotta say the art really drew me in. Look forward to reading it in detail and running in the future!

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I got this as part of the TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights, but just now noticed in the OSR June Jam. I ran a short Mausritter campaign back in March and this would have been great to have. Thanks for the quality submission!

I just saw your submission as part of the OSR June Jam. This reminded me of all the epic poems I had to read as an undergrad, but I won't hold that against you! Thanks for allowing us to get copies when we are short on cash. Rated!

I just downloaded this after submitting my own OSR June Jam. I love this for the tables alone. Nice creativity!

Hey, this is a masterclass in simple, yet effective design. Is there a way you could post an editable template?

That flavor text about what happened in the previous nights prior to getting the quest is just chilling. That was masterful writing!

You did a lot work and you let it go for potentially free. I commend you!

This reminds me of an OSR Stardew Valley.

I hope you take the time to really flesh it out and maybe add some non-licensed pictures of animals or homesteads to really sell the vibe.

My favorite section is the To Work the Land section. It seems like it would really give players a goal to work toward.

Also note, a quick glance revealed a small mistake on page 7, To Grow the Herd. Change the 2D6 to a 1D12, since it's impossible to roll a 1 on a 2D6.

That sounds really sweet. My kind of date night, haha!

I can't afford anything right now, but I just wanted to comment that this is making me so impatient for CY_Borg! The previews look great, I think you did a good job on the graphic design.

This reminds me a lot of yoon-suin, but with a more specific setting. I love settings that are not traditional fantasy, but I can't ever seem to get others to play in those worlds. 

Regardless, thanks for your hardwork in bringing another culture to life in the RPG space!

I didn't want to steal a community copy from someone else, but I wanted to say this sounds like a really cool idea.

These are some nasty (in a good way) ideas. How will you know when you are at 1.0?

I don't use any virtual table tops, but I appreciate the work you put into this!

Although I do not play 1e/OSRIC, I really appreciate the work you put into this. I will not download so others can have a community copy.

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Thanks for allowing community copies. I love this game, although I fear I may never play it! Maybe after grad school is done...

I thought I got this as a community copy, apparently I got it from the TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights bundle! Thanks for letting your game support a great cause!

I saw your game on reddit a little bit ago. I am glad the OSR June Jam inspired you to publish on Itch! 

My wife and I run solo games like Four Against Darkness cooperatively. Do you think that would work with this game?

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Thanks to Monkey's Paw Games for hosting the OSR June Jam! It finally pushed me to finish the OSR-inspired game I have been working on for years!

If you're interested, you can find it here:

I can't wait to discover your games!

EDIT: Edited website due to name change! Thanks everyone for your support!