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LoserFreak Games

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Actually I don't think that person submitted correctly... Not sure if the submissions are even going to end up counting on the board.

Could just be they haven't gotten around to it yet? But, then again it is already 10am so 1 seems a little worrisome ...

Ha! I feel the same way.

All is good now... Game Submitted... That was interesting... Good night

Nevermind figured it out... But, don't know how to remove the incorrect game I submitted???

Hey bum Zack I uploaded the wrong game sorry bout that. Is there a video or something I can watch to upload my game directly to

Ok I'll be sending it in a bit here :) WOW! I'm tired lol

So being in the home stretch here. What if our menus are not finished but, the base game is at the end of this. Should we still send it in? Can we send it in?

Can't believe I haven't commented here! Love the game it's a well balanced machine. Keep it coming!

Very awesome!

So this is the game I keep seeing pics of. Great little game.

HOLY CRAP!!! Great game!


Holy Hell! Nice assets!

Sweet Pack man! You deliver the best!

Ok thank you

First off love Eliot Quest I have it for my Wii U. Second love this collection! You do great work. Now obviously this collection been used in quit a few projects just from the comments, so my question is this. How much would it cost to get a original collection like this made from scratch?