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I'm really looking forward to Parabox, btw - it's one of the games I've been excited for for a while. :3

Holy crap, this game is outstanding. The puzzles remind me of Stephen's Sausage Roll and English Country Tune. The graphics are a little glitchy, but honestly, I barely care about that. This is a shining example of the kind of puzzle game that starts with simple rules and interactions and then mines the hell out of them for interesting and unintuitive interactions. I hope you polish this up some more!

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I really enjoyed this game!

Some feedback:

-Additional levels and characters, please! At least add an endless mode?

-If your next attack is guaranteed to be Lucky, then the damage estimate when you drag an attack over an enemy should reflect that.

-Maybe make it more clear what it is an upgrade does on the upgrade window? "Upgrading Boomerang will make it cost less." "Upgrading Sucker Punch will give you more energy back on a crit."

-Not sure if there are card draw/selection cards, but they should definitely be in the game. "0: Draw two cards, then discard two cards." "10: Draw two cards." "0: Exile. Search your deck for a card and put it on top." -> "0: Exile. Search your deck for a card and draw it." "10: Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Draw one of them." -> "10: Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Draw one of them and add a copy of it to your hand."

-If you have a headset, switching to it doesn't switch the game's audio to it.

-Add the ability to zoom out and see more of the (already-revealed) map?

-Esc should bring up the settings menu. As it stands, I have no idea how to do that, or to quit the game without force-quitting.

-The fullscreen box and slider knobs on the settings screen are colored in a way that makes them blend in very well with the background. maybe make them white instead? Or at least light up when moused over?

-I don't personally need it, but I can imagine that anyone color-blind would have a hard time playing this game. Maybe add symbols? "Whenever you play a Red ✊ Card..."

-I assume that there's a bug with Spin - if it crits, it only crits against one enemy. This is repeatable, and seems to always crit the rightmost enemy.

-Fix the graphical glitch associated with drawing cards. As it stands, it looks like it "draws" the leftmost card already in your hand, then adds the card you drew on the right side of your hand.

Things I really liked:

-The timing for enemies attacking multiple times lines up really nicely with the soundtrack

-The way you capture the vaporwave aesthetic is really good!

-I enjoy the way this game doesn't take itself too seriously

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but if the enemy hits Rest off a Riposte, it ends *your* turn.

I really like this game, but I wish that the 2x2 hint didn't always maximize the number of hidden squares it covers.

Yeah! There's a couple notable bugs and a few gameplay things I wish I could fix, but I love this game so much.

I've been playing this a bunch these last couple of weeks and there's so much I like about it. I only just now found out there were more than 1 purple card.

+1 this. I think its effect *actually* reads "Lose 3 apples. Then gain 2 energy *for each apple you had*. Also, if you had less than 3 apples, instead gain 6 energy."

Ah, thank you!

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Oh no! Did you literally just now remove it?

It's a clever premise for a puzzler, and I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure how much more design space there is for good puzzles.