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good fun :)

Fair criticism.

4D comments · Replied to beekie in 4D comments

Oh, cool!  Yeah, having now seen them all the Corey version does seem most readable, though I wonder if some kind of 3-D animation when changing viewpoints could add legibility to other... in any case, it's an interesting space to explore, and makes me think about dimensional systems in other genres, like a metroidvania where a dimension might be used for fast-travel or for breaking into secret areas somehow, as a kind of tangentially useful mechanic, rather than the core mechanic of puzzle design.  Fun stuff.

Interesting one! I played maybe a half-dozen levels, up to Microbes.  It might be interesting if a button swapped the 'view', rather than, or in addition to, the current action button swap of the 'movement dimension'... that is, i could imagine X button changing the whole map appearance and the player always moving inside just one of the smaller squares, if that makes sense.

This also very vaguely reminds me of 'Counter Hero', a game where you could 'swap numbers' in kind of arbitrary game mechanics; here it's kind of like the action button swaps dimensional numbers, like your x-coordinate becomes your z-coordinate or something... this game's mechanic seems like something that might 'stack' onto late-game puzzles of other sokoban-likes to create a new twist, maybe, somehow.

I did it! Also, what?

Cool, he does his jumping again :)

And I realized the tutorial NPC, I only read his first batch of dialogue, talking a second time had the good stuff, which I had missed. 

Somehow I am still 6.4 hours into the game with zero souls recovered, but I have found a lot of collectables and checkpoints and secrets and whatnot... is fun to explore but I still feel like I'm missing some early linchpin that is maybe supposed to be obvious - there are so many things I could do if I could hold two items :)

After a few more hours... I watched someone else, and in their playthrough (in an earlier game update), the 'Wall Jump' screen had a guy auto wall-jump spectacularly, whereas in my game he just bounces off the wall and runs off without jumping.  I only just figured out that I can wall jump with the dash boots, though I'm still unclear what button presses/timing trigger it.  Seems maybe some tutorialization is maybe broken/lacking now.

What a weird little game! I think I figured out some of the mechanics, and solved about 3 levels, but was never 100% sure what I was doing :)

Just started playing today, but a couple quick bits of feedback.

I find myself wanting to look at the map frequently, but it takes two separate button presses to get to it.  It would be nice if I could bind one keypress or button to go from game to map, and the same button brought me back from map to game.  (But maybe also is a design decision not to, to keep the player from using the map as too much of a crutch.)

Also, I maybe found a minor glitch: in the coastal waters, if I very slowly and carefully approached the screen transition edge, I could move to the next screen but maybe someone not be floating in the water yet, and my air meter counted down and then I died.  I could have just moved out of this state, I had to intentionally try to exploit existing on the very edge of the screen boundary to make this happen, but just FYI.

I played just a few minutes of it; I found it hard to interact with the green person at the typewriter, I kept trying from below or above, but I had to be to the side, on just the right pixel... might be good to make that interaction easier.  I didn't get very far into the story, but it was certainly doing some world-building :)

This was cool, even if very short; the puzzles effectively tutorialized the mechanics quickly to get to the two interesting puzzles near the end.

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I played through most of this over the past 3 hours... I found it interesting but very difficult.

A few obvious bits of feedback are that more sounds would be nice, as well as an optional what-key-is-pressed feedback on the screen (the control scheme is non-trivial and I think it's hard to communicate the controls for a Lets Play without viewers seeing the keys being pressed).  It would be very helpful if the orange blocks and the water tiles had a little bit of 'gridline' to them like the grass does - I miscounted the sizes of these elements at least once.  It'd also be nice if the orange blocks and grippy logs had a 'transparency' option (like tar transparency in DRoD for example) as it's hard to keep track of the 'islands' in the water when pushing pieces atop it.

I never quite understood the trunk physics; more puzzles to tutorialize it would have helped, I think.  Even the walking mechanics are tough, I think I would have been lost right at the start if I hadn't already watched a few minutes of your YouTube dev commentary to 'discover' the game, and already seen the two-long elephant's awkward movement among the dense trees.

It's a shame that the cleverly set up 'walking paths' require so many moves, as when you do something wrong, it can take many undos... perhaps more checkpoints would help (especially if the checkpoint tiles were visually apparent and players could choose to stand on them or walk past them), or if there were a 'checkpoint stack' the user could manually use with a key, maybe (a la Fish Fillets).  I sometimes reset but I often undo'd like 100 moves in a row.

Despite these criticisms, I think all these mechanics admit some very interesting puzzles, some of which were realized here.

I did record most of my journey, and I'll post a video link when it's ready, as I think my commentary and troubles may provide useful feedback.  EDIT - Link: 

I tried it for a few minutes.  Took me a little time to figure out a dome had to be next to a resource to mine it.  I like working my way to revealing more of the map, as exploration is fun and feels like progress, but what will make it compelling (obviously) is if you can find something new/unexpected, for the payoff of exploration-curiosity, as well as some obstacle/challenge if you want to force decisions to be strategic.

I played maybe 10-15 mins of the demo.  My controller worked (though I wouldn't have minded a controller/keyboard tutorial at the start, but I figured it out).  I personally didn't find the gameplay compelling enough to make me want to play the full game, but the art style is really charming and I expect some folks will like this :)

I'm willing to beta test.