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Pretty good game! Although short I think it's pretty well done! There is some things I'd recommend fixing but other than that well done!

Pretty fun game! The wheel chair aspect made the whole game 10x more scary. Knowing that you can't just freely roam gives that sense of dread! Well done game!

Hey there! Stopped by this game because it seemed super interesting and may I just say wow! This game is awesome and very unique. Not sure why it's not very popular. Good work on the game tho! 

Great story!

This game looks awesome! I'm for sure gonna play it, loved the trailer, super well done on that end! Awesome idea for a game as well, can't wait to see what you make next!

Wow super in depth description and detail for the game! Definitely looks cool, for sure gonna play it!

This game has some real potential! Im excited to see where it goes!

This game could use some polish with the character animations but other than that it is amazing! I absolutely love the environment and the atmosphere. Keep it up!

What can I say! This game is simple yet super fun, Really good job on the game!

Looks super awesome! Definitely should check this game out!

Thank you so much for those kind words!

Super cool idea, not to complicated of a game, nice and chill. Overall a great game!

This looks like an amazing game! Look forward to playing it

This is an amazing game! I loved the story, although sad, it makes you think twice about choices you make. Great job!