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Oh thank you for your comment! Yes, that's something I wish there was more of in romantic games, too, so I decided to write the sort of story I'd like to see more of, haha.

I'm sadly pretty busy with day job stuff so I can't progress on this project as quickly as I'd like, but the full game should be out a bit later this year! :D

Oh thank you! Yeah, Vergil only showed up a teeeeny bit in the demo but he does play a bigger role later in the story.

Aww we're so glad you enjoyed it!! The full game should be out in another 2 months, so you won't be kept waiting long! Thanks for playing. 😊

THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCITEMENT!! We're so excited to bring this game to everyone! *___*

Aww thank you so much! We're so glad you enjoyed it. Balancing those points between the endings was definitely one of the trickier parts of making the game.

We're busily working on some more stuff, so hopefully we'll have that for people to enjoy soon!

Aww! I'm working on typing up my diary entries but they definitely need a little TLC before they're readable, haha. But yeah I'd be happy to share with you once they're up.

I had a great time playing this game (Wretched and Alone edition)! I did it twice back to back. The first time, my tower fell over and my character subsequently died. I decided I wanted to give it another go, so I started again in the same universe with the next wife of Bluebeard whom he married after murdering my first character. I let her find the previous wife's diary at the beginning so she had more information from the get-go. After the initial tower pull, I added a special rule where I would only pull every 3rd block that I was directed to pull. This made sense to me since my second character knew more secrets and thus her mental state wouldn't be quite as volatile as my first character's. (also, she was just a more stable person in general)

That didn't end up being much of a cheat for her, as I eventually went through the entire deck of cards anyway. I got the Ace of Hearts for her very early on, but had bad dice luck so she wasn't rescued that way. Instead, she got very lucky in the Eleventh Hour and was able to escape after setting fire to the castle and running away to the nearest village. Bonus: Bluebeard also died in the fire.

I feel that this is one of the more immersive solo TTRPGs I've played and I got so into both characters' heads that the prompts were easy to write for. I chose to ignore writing about certain prompts (while still doing the tower pulls, etc) because it didn't make sense in-character for my characters to think or worry about such things, so even with the same prompts (and same husband/backstory), the diary entries for both women read very different from each other.

It was a lot of fun and I really love how beautifully the booklet is designed! I had to print out the simple version, but I flipped through the decorative PDF for a long time before playing. I documented a bit of my playthroughs on Twitter. Here's the first wife (well, 12th) and here's the second (13th in-universe).

Thank you for a harrowing but very enjoyable couple of hours!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I feel pretty much the same way. Life has so many different paths, there's no point in mourning "missed potential" because you still, at this moment, still have so much potential. Who knows where you'll end up if you keep living?

Largely, Spirit Parade is more about character development than explicit romance. There's not really going to be very steamy scenes in it.

Thank you for your feedback. You're completely right of course, and we're sorry to have caused any worries or inconvenience. I'm usually the one who updates our social media and I've been stretched very thin recently due to a death in the family, among other things. I'll set a reminder for myself on my calendar and try my best to keep up monthly updates like before. I understand that it's important to keep everyone updated and I'll improve on that. Again, our apologies for not being more transparent.

Yes, we will be releasing on Steam once the full game is complete. A lot is changing over there now, but as we have already passed through Greenlight, hopefully we have minimal problems getting the game up once it's done.

Yes, as it says in the description above:

Unfortunately, voice acting for the game will be suspended for the time being. There have been some complications with scheduling and implementation and until those are worked out, none of the released routes will have voice acting. We hope to be able to patch the voicing into the game at a later date!

We're working on Shuye's route now and Haiyue will be released sometime after that. We will have release dates once a better estimate is available, but those should be some months down the pipeline still.

Hmm... It should be working just fine! I develop the game on a Mac and I used his memory section to bug test scenes and stuff, so I can't think of why it wouldn't be working. What exactly is wrong with it?