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i had a blast playing the adventures of sir kickalot. iam looking forward so the full game once its finished. i would love to see ragdoll physics in the game.

a nice short horror game i really enjoyed it. ronald did catch me a few times.

awesome game!!! i cant wait for the full game.

iam looking forward for the full game. i enjoyed what i played in the demo 

thank you for making this nice horror game. np problem i cant wait to play more of your games in the future 

i really enjoyed blood loss.the monster did ended up scary me.

i enjoyed the game but damn grimaces is creepy looking. i only wished it was longer. hopefully we can get more mcdonalds horror games. 

a nice short ufo horror game. i think we need more ufo horror games. 

i have updated the game. but when you escape from the exploding it stay at the cutscene where they got to leave this area. and after that it does progress to the last part.

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i ran into a glitch at the end where i escape but i still ended up dying. 

nice game that reminds of the older resident evil game on ps1. iam enjoying the game so far. 

nice work for working on it for 8 months on the game. it gave me a bit of outlast vibes in a since.

a nice spongebob horror game. had a blast playing this. 

a really nice made horror game. its quite brutal and terrifying game. i really enjoyed the game.

i hope we can get more ronald mconalds horror game. i really enjoyed the game.

you cant sit down on the seat even if you press e on the keyboard.

bloody hell!!! dont work at a haunted laundromat

i cant seem to download the update on both the website and on the itchio app.

Another nice horror game max horror . its been a while and its nice to play your latest game. dark tales mole men. i really enjoyed the game and it was very creepy and terrifying. 

squidward, whats wrong with you chapter 2. its nice to play as other spongebob characters. hopefully we can get another spongebob horror game with some combat.

this was freaking amazing i really enjoyed dead space demake. iam looking forward for more demakes. 

i enjoyed the game. nice work but i did run into a few glitches at the beginning of the game.

nice to see something a bit different from 616 games. i enjoyed truth loop 2 nice work. 

i really enjoy the nice short horror game.

np nice game btw.

nice game i enjoyed the game 

nice and short horror game but i wished it was longer

i really enjoyed this short horror game. i was expecting the last part to go down like that!!!!

from what i played i really enjoyed the game and the storyline is very interesting. i cant wait to play the full game of THE LACERATOR 

nice horror game i cant wait for the full game.its also nice to see more 3rd person  low polygon horror games rather then just fps.

another nice spongebob horror game. maybe a handsome squidward horror game

stay out of the farm gameplay. the motel did look like deadly night if you ask me. the dream sequence a bit long i would make it shorter.

you got to find the car. if i was the developer i would just take the dream sequence off the game. 

wow i havent been that scared since play stay out of the house and nun massacre canine legit scared the crap out of me. amazing job puko !!! and its your first game congrats. i hope more people play your game. i really enjoyed canine muchos gracias para el juego. 

i enjoyed the nice short horror game. iam looking forward to play your next project.

nice short horror game. i wished it was longer it was about to get more intense til the last part. nice work looking forward to play more of your games.

a nice short horror game. i hope we get a part 2. but amazing game spring rabbit. another fire game.

nice game this game is scary af.