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i enjoyed  the game. but i ran into a few issues with the game. and the ai was a bit cheap .i also had the game crash on me. hopefully you can improve the ai in a update. specially when the ai spawn and kills you instantly.

i dig this game. another better 616 games. but why was the killer naked lol 

i really enjoyed the game. willie scared the hell outta me. 

i had a blast playing ruby vitten party. she did get me good to lol.

i really  enjoyed the game. but i couldnt figure out the other ends out.

wtf the rock is tv man lol. 

iam looking forward to playing the full game.

fun mascot horror game

another killer game 

i ran into a glitch while playing in this playthrough and hopefully there is an update soon. because iam getting low fps even on the low settings.

i enjoyed your game popsarcade nice short horror game. the only thing i didnt appreciate from the killer from was getting kicked to death lol.iam looking forward to more of your games. 

another banger of a game jonnys games. i cant wait for the full game. i really enjoyed my time with this game.

i enjoyed the game but i wished it was longer. i hope we get another game with this killer in another  game. 

i had a bloody good time with bloody hallowfest. the last part was a bit frustrating. but i recommend checking out bloody hallowfest.

an interesting game seems like feed my billy from puppet combo. but your killing for meat for the burgers. 

iam have issues trying to buy your game. its not letting me buy it i keep getting an error.

i really enjoy the game a very interesting concept for this horror game. but i ran into some issues where the dad ended getting stuck and he is really fast. to the point he cant really out run him and the stamina runs out quick. 

is there anyway you could add full screen mode. nice i cant wait for next week. amazing game btw!!!

i had a blast playing . thats one clown you dont want to mess with. 

another crazy spongebob game. nice work triple dev i had a blast with this one.

iam looking forward to the full game. 


i really enjoyed this game is was a bit different and i really like that you when with the ps1 graphics style on this game. hopefully we see more ps1 style horror games like this. 

i really enjoyed the game. it had me cracking up and the opening the door sound effect was to hilarious. a fun short horror game.

a nice short and funny horror game. i really like that camera feature which you to see gettong chased by that creepy looking guy.

nice simple short horror game. but man that mouse is one creepy looking guy lol. i like it and enjoyed it.  

your welcome ,it was a good for your first full game release. keep up the amazing work.

nice job i really enjoyed your game. i wasnt expecting intense chasing in this game. 

a killer clown on the loose. i really enjoyed the demo amazing work.

iam looking forward for the full game. the last part of the demo got me. amazing so far for a demo. 

iam looking forward for the full release Operation revenant. its nice to see more 3rd person horror games. specially since syphon filter is one of my favorite ps1 action/stealth game. 

another banger i had a blast playing. 

nice work i enjoyed your game. thats one creepy looking scary crow.

a nice and short horror was interesting a bit different for a horror game i had a blast and a fun time playing it. nice work to the dev.

a very terrifying horror game. i had a blast playing it. iam looking forward to the full game. 

i had a blast playing this. it was a bit different from other games i played. specially the control scheme.

i had fun with this game. i recommended it those who are into the older resident evil and silent hill games. 

nice retro style christmas fps 

iam stuck i have found the corn scoop. but how

 do you feed the chickens ?

i had a blast playing laundry killer it was really fun. i highly recommend check this game out. right in time for halloween.