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bro this is the best sport game I've ever played

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Most I've gotten so far is 6

Sorry, I can't remember if it worked or not, since I tried it over a year ago. I don't know why I didn't give feedback back then since I said I would, but I don't even use a Rift anymore, so if I were to test out the game now I would have to try it on Quest 2.

This is really cool. It's neat how the more you play, the more you can be strategic about which cards you choose, and you can even get to a point where you're dodging attacks and timing attacks really well. I do think the fireball is a bit overpowered, but it seems that if you use the fireball enough, the ai will just start to use it as well, or he'll try to dodge the attack. I'd love to see this as a full game, and I know this would be incredibly difficult, but it'd be sick if you could turn this into an online multiplayer. Cuz I can just imagine playing this against my friends or just destroying some randoms online.

did u extract the file

Daddy Dani would be proud

Cool concept but I think it would be a lot more enjoyable if the letters were random.

This looks really fun but I only have one Xbox controller and keyboard is not supported. :(

it says X or A

Loving this game so far! After only playing it for like half an hour, I have some suggestions. First of all, I think it would be cool if you could craft more things at once, for example, if you could put 10 logs on the crafting bench at once, and get 40 planks from it. Hope that wasn't too confusing. Also, I'm wondering if there are plans for adding mobs to the game like animals and/or monsters. If so, I'd love to see a day/night cycle in the game. Finally, could you make physics on the tools, so I could yeet tools I don't need anymore like wood shovels. Thanks! :D

This looks really sick! I'd love to see these physics implemented into a full Quest game!

Okay, I'll try it out, and tell you how well it works.

Does this work on Oculus Rift?

The concept is really cool! It would be neat if you made more levels for this. Or at least made a similar game.