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just ran this for a one-shot and it was even better than i had imagined, such a fantastic module with so much potential

I got this ages ago from EF and only just now remembered to leave a rating, it’s wonderful!

Just picked up the print version from EF and it’s just wonderful, very well done

Picked up the print copy from Exalted Funeral, this module is great.

I’ve had this for a long while but had shamefully not given it the in-depth read it deserves. I’ve finally remedied that and gosh it’s just so dang good.

The link for the character keeper seems to be broken, any chance it could get updated?

This is fantastic. Coupling stress with the PC’s phone is such a good idea, it immediately puts you in character and I think my players will love it.

jfc this game hit me hard

I ordered a physical copy because it seems rad as heck and it just showed up and I wanted to drop by and say that it is! it's rad as heck! and also congrats on the ennie nom!

Congratulations on the Ennie nomination!

Awesome! The physical copy is phenomenal and I really recommend it. Thanks for putting these out!

I picked this up on exalted funeral, will these be available there?