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Oh ! right. Did not notice that. never mind in that case. :-D

Thank you for your feedback.

Hey, just wanted to give a heads up on the tracks.

Its really good stuff for a very fair price. I love it. One thing thou, most of the tracks have a weird cut at the end ( they end abruptly ). Not sure if this is intended or not.

Anyway, keep up the good work dude. :-D

Great :-D

Everything worked out fine. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

I bought the pack and there are only Music folders and SFX folders. The graphics and the 12 lines of servant dialogue are completely missing. How can i get them ?

Its progressing slowly but steadily. Life keeps coming in the way :-D

Great :-)

Ok, got it.

10 times the price would be too expensive indeed, especially since i am interested in a lot of your stuff :-D ( i would have to have them all ) 

If i would offer the application for download ( i intend to make a free version of the project anyway since its more a framework that people can use to create their worlds )  and would REMOVE all the premium assets ( meaning that the premium assets would be TIED to my domain where my game is running  and in the bundled project files there would be NO premium assets   ) would this be acceptable ?

To clarify :

  1. interested users would only get the framework ( just like when you download phaser.js for example ) 
  2. in the framework there would be no premium assets
  3. the bundled example game would have nothing to do with the game running on my domain ( that has the premium assets ) 
  4. the "end product" to which i buy the assets for would in this case be my game in my domain with the same name

Is this a viable solution ?

 I have no problem with paying for your assets. I just need to know if the case above is viable for you.

hey ansimuz, i love the style if your art and it fits my current project. Sadly i dont see licence details in this page. I am working on a world builder web app that allows ppl to create their multiplayer worlds and run it on their servers for friends and interested players. I would use the tiles for building backgrounds, for locations and battles. Since its a web app i cant completely prevent ppl to grab the backgrounds. And if they download the whole project they will have the assets too... is there a licence for that ?