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Thanks! Really enjoyed the video and I want all the feedback I can get. Definitely got a lot of tweaks to make once it' developed further.

(sorry to hear about Sekiro)

Thank you! Really nice of you to say :)  I've got a lot of refinements to make  and I want to double down on the mechanic and keep pushing and refining it. Plus more than one level would be nice :D

Thanks! The response has been great and the feedback's absolutely invaluable. Got  lot to take away and work with :)

No sorry, it doesn't right now. I'll be uploading an additional 64 bit file later today

Thank you! I really enjoyed watching the video and the feedback is a huge help

Glad you liked it :D 

Not sure which version you played but the zip file has a different difficulty setting that I've found much more enjoyable.

Thanks so much! Really enjoyed watching your video, seeing people pick up and react to the mechanics is super helpful to me. I really appreciated how constructive your comments were too :D