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Unfortunately, my standard playing position is too far from the bongos.
I have to take one step to reach the bongos.
Unfortunately then I'm too close or between the sensors (Oculus Rift),
whereby the hand movements are sometimes not recognized correctly.
A setting for the player position (recenter) would be helpful.

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The game looks very promising and finally seems to be a worthy BeatSaber clone.
Unfortunately, two points of criticism:
I have to kneel down to play, unfortunately I find in the game (demo)
no way to change the player size.
The game will later be sold on Steam.
I'll never buy anything on Steam again
as I cannot refuse the Steam updates.
In the past, this meant that I couldn´t play my acquired
games anymore. So Steam is a no-go for me.
Maybe you can offer the final game via itch, too?

I wish you good luck and great success with this game!

Didn´t work:

Der Prozedureinsprungspunkt "CreateDXGIFactory2" wurde in der DLL "dxgi.dll" nicht gefunden.

Tested with Win7 Prof. 64 Bit.

Oculus Rift with Oculus Controllers:
I can move the machine gun, but I can't shoot.
In front of me the writing of the game, above "Start Game".
Since I cannot shoot, I cannot start the game.
Too bad. Another game that fails because of a little something.

Cool sounds, nice graphics.   :)

Unfortunately no manual/howto/instructions.  :(

There are solid/coloured cubes and transparent/outlined cubes.

What are the differences between these cubes?

It seems impossible to hit all cubes (transparent and solid ones).

Is it really neccessary to hit them all?

Thank you for your response.

The graphics look great, the sound is also ok.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the Oculus Rift controllers.
The keyboard does not work either: press X
but nothing happens when you press X.
You should also insert a dongle.
Which dongle? Where to plug in? Where do you get this from?
What does the dongle cost? You don't find out. :(
The "ReleaseNotes" are unfortunately only in French.
What a shame, the game looks very promising.
Looks like a waste of developer time to me.
They spent a lot of time developing the game,
but cannot make it accessible to others.
Too bad.


I downloaded your game again (hey, you uploaded a new version!),

unzipped and.........tadaaa!  It works!   :)

I don´t know what was wrong before, but now i don´t get killed by an invisible monster.

Indeed very scary.   :)

I unzipped the zip file first and then started the game.
I use Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit with SP1.
I can see a monster in the game that comes towards me and that I can push back briefly with my torch.
But I only see the "invisible" monster when it kills me.
Before that I see and hear nothing of it.

I deleted the game now, so for a screen-recording i had to download it again.

I´ll try it again and see if i can record it.

I can't understand the many positive reviews, I'm probably too stupid for the game.
I found the metal detector and a torch and was able to collect coins too.
Graphics and sound are first class, the controls are fluid.
But the big flaw:
I'm in the corner of a small room. Alone. It's bright enough.
Suddenly I'm dead because I have a monster on my face.
The monster was NOT seen or heard before.
It was suddenly on my face.
I've tried it several times, always with the same result.
A silent, invisible monster that suddenly kills you.
Who comes up with something stupid? That's not fun.
After a few minutes I deleted the "game".
Without this unfair component, it would have been a buyable game.
But right now it's just a very nice graphics demo.

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Strictly speaking, a copy of BeatSaber.

I fear that there will be legal problems (copyright infringement).

The Differences:
The lightsabers in this game are a bit shorter.
The cubes further apart, you have to make more sweeping movements.
Unfortunately only two songs.
Unfortunately only one level of difficulty.
Unfortunately no online highscore list.
With more songs, online highscore and difficulty settings, this game would be a clear buy recommendation for all BeatSaber addicts. :)
But please do not sell via Steam or Oculus,
as these platforms lock out their paying customers with forced updates.
I will no longer buy games on these two platforms.
Good luck with SlashMusic