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Pretty cute.

Lol, cute game and I like the concept of the 0h gamejam.

This is an excellent first game; your talent aldready shows.

This ballad is great.

This was really nice. it's a short and sweet visual novel but their relationship still feels pretty organic.

It was great!

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I picked it up when I saw it for free and must say that I really liket it. It was worth completing and evolving all the pets, (though it did took a bit more time than expected) and I would really recommand it to anyone who is remotely into solitaire games. 5/5

(I have to add that the little bonuses: wallpapers, icons, artbook,etc. are a welcome addition)

Great visual novel, all characters have a charming personality. I definitely recommend you pick it up if you haven't.

(favourite route is Morag's)

Very cute and lovely!

(I get that part where it feels like nothing is moving forward even though lots a things are happening at the same time.)

Hi, I just wanted to say that I really liked your visual novel. It was pretty funky and the art style was really interesting!

Playing this game was quite pleasant, I enjoyed it a lot.

This game was great, but there were times I could access information without knowing the context after choosing one line of questionning before another. Otherwise, it was a great game that had excellent world-building considering how short it was; it felt very organic.

It was short but effective; a very interesting experience, one, which, I am glad you shared with us.

This is quite a nice game, but it's quite difficult to progress through.

This was quite a lovely interview, I'm glad to see such interesting developers thrive on the indie scene!