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Fantastic!!!! Simple, yet intuitive. Your games are really unique!!!!!! Keep up the good work ! :)

This game was really great. The multiple endings added depth and made the game quite re-playable. Lena and Jin were definitely the highlights of the story. Given the sheer amount of beautiful CG's and branching choices, I must say I'm really impressed. This was so much fun to play through from start to finish,  overall great game!

So wholesome! Genuinely heart-warming, I would highly recommend this !!

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Bingus :D

(also, I really love the font style on this page, really nice to look at)

This was a very nice game. It was really cool seeing a unique dialogue system like this. Great work!

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It was super intriguing. I wasn't expecting the mystery to be what it was. Solid voice acting, good art and an interesting premise come together to make a very fun vn. Good work!! I look forward to your next project!

Super entertaining! The date documentary idea was very unique, and Cherry's sprite and animations had a lot of character and were impressively expressive!

Good stuff!!!!

Such a warm and cozy friend group. Makes me wish there was more to see from these characters! Great story, fun writing and satisfying ending options!!  

This was crazy good. You know the game was special when you can recognise the links between aspects of the game and known experiences people have gone through in real life. Brilliant work.

That was so fun! Thank you for creating such an interesting and engaging game!! I'm gonna have to go check out the rest of your games now! :D