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ive played this game for almost a year in android and i love it!!! But please add a freind system,  and release the next map as soon as possible,  and can you add a little cutscene about the story of the game because i would love seeing the story of among us... Thats all i want in game for now... Thank you.

umm... People can still create a room and join with a code still the same deal... But with freind systems you can meet people you met before again and  games are better when you play with someone that you have something in common. Cuz i also want freind systems i meet alot of intresting people but i would never see them again... Also a "report player" button include "playing together" as a punishable offense... Cuz many ppl cheat by playing together.

just update your game your playing in the old update server... Idk why it didnt say update your game... But it works.

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theres a bug in game!! If you press any number in O2 sabotage in admin the panel suddenly closes,  Pls fix it as soon as possible. Its ruining gameplay really badly.(the version i have is the one with cyan and lime the latest version)