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Sorry but i wont be updating this game since i published this game to a game jam.

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sorry to hear this game was a bit laggy and had some bugs since this is my first game i published to a game jam but yeah sorry to hear that. And have a good day.

pretty cool game really challenging but the moon with eyes scare me or is it just me

car goes brrrrrrrrrr



Thank you :)

Fun game to play! keep it up :)

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Thanks for telling me bugs! I will try to fix them as soon as possible :)

thanks for your kind words :) i tried my best to make the surprise theme for it!

Thanks glad I nailed the game jam theme!

Thanks for the nice feedback :)

hmmm I'm gonna try to fix that one. Thanks for letting me know

Thank you for your kind words and cool ideas!

Sorry to hear thank you for the feedback I'll try to fix it :)

thank u for the comment :) the controls were a little hard at first most of the time.

thank you for that awesome game!

this is  a w e s o m e :)

pretty cool game I like the animation the most :) 

t h i s  i s  awesome keep up the good work :)