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The downloadable is an Exe for windows :) Just hadn't marked the project properly haha

Wow, thanks! Glad you liked it, this was my first game i made in UE4 so it was pretty rough around the edges - Maybe I'll look into remaking it at some point! I've got a few other games floating about too, I'd personally recommend Character Carnage (my favourite game I've made thus far - reaally fun local co op xD) 

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Managed to complete in 48seconds. Very addictive and fun :)

Deathless run, so might be the fastest humanly possible xD


This is this page, that link at the top "return to game" takes you to the right page. This must be comments only section

Hmm, i think i made it quite easy :p,

As, it gets faster the longer you survive and obstacles don't start spawning until a good 5+ seconds in so you get to feel the controls pretty well.

The challenge is the small learning curve on knowing which projectile to shoot, and which obstacles are worth shooting with rockets etc.

Personally, I think the difficulty curve is quite good right now, without making it boring :P

Thanks for feedback though :D